CoolIcon Two-sided Mask

(Art Appreciation scout) Akira Mitsurugi SR

(Art Appreciation scout) Akira Mitsurugi UR




Anubis' Indignation
Score increase skill Upon activation, the next 10 Icon Taps receive a 400pt.(Lv.1) / 580pt. (Lv.10) Score Boost!

(50%(Lv.1) / 59%(Lv.10) Chance of Activating every 30 Seconds)

(Score Boost +20, Percent +1 per Skill Lv. Up)

Curtain of the Mysterious Moon
Ff Up to 8 times during a song, a MISS will be changed to PERFECT!

(Activates when all F∞F members are on the team and this card is the Leader)

Un-idolized Initial
WildIcon 1,893 PopIcon 1,893 CoolIcon 2,520
Max Lv.
WildIcon 3,135 PopIcon 3,135 CoolIcon 3,900
Idolized Initial
WildIcon 2,295 PopIcon 2,495 CoolIcon 3,272
Max Lv.
WildIcon 3,875 PopIcon 4,075 CoolIcon 5,010
Etoile +5
WildIcon PopIcon CoolIcon

How to acquireEdit

  • Scout during the Art Appreciation Scouting gacha to get a higher chance of receiving the SR
  • You have a chance to obtain the SR by scouting in the 3rd part of Republishing Scout that runs from 01/28/2016 - 02/05/2016
  • The card is available in the Crown Scout
Akira Mitsurugi