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(Dokeshi no rondo) Ban Jumonji LE

(Dokeshi no rondo) Ban Jumonji GR



Welcome and have a look! This is Ban Jumonji's jugglin'!


Smile Shoot☆
Score increase skill When the COMBO reaches 100, the next 20 Icon Taps receive a 600pt.(Lv.1) / 870pt.(Lv.10) Score Boost!

(Score Boost +30 per Skill Lv. Up)

Juggling Master
RE-Berserk When the COMBO reaches 150, all Icon Taps receive a x5.5 Score Boost for the next 40 Seconds!

(Activates when all RE:BERSERK members are on the team and this card is the Leader.)

Un-idolized Initial
WildIcon 4,399 PopIcon 4,385 CoolIcon 4,902
Max Lv.
WildIcon 6,357 PopIcon 6,343 CoolIcon 7,038
Idolized Initial
WildIcon 5,076 PopIcon 5,062 CoolIcon 5,404
Max Lv.
WildIcon 7,452 PopIcon 7,538 CoolIcon 7,978
Etoile +5
WildIcon PopIcon CoolIcon

How to acquireEdit

  • Participate in the Dokeshi no rondo Event which runs from 22/01/2016 - 28/01/2016 by getting 312000 points.
  • You can only acquire the second LE by staying in the top 5000.
  • You have a chance to obtain the LE by scouting in the Republishing scout that runs from 08/05/2016 - 08/08/2016
  • The card is available in the Crown Scout
Ban Jumonji