WildIcon Calm relationship

(Hot Springs Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin SR

(Hot Springs Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin UR




Open air scenery
Heal skill There is a 40% chance that Stamina is Restored by 2 when there are 80 or more PERFECT.
Spirits of the night
Lancelot The Team's WILD Attribute is boosted by x2.5!

(Activates when all Lancelot members are on the team and this card is the Leader)

Un-idolized Initial
WildIcon 3,492 PopIcon 2,461 CoolIcon 2,402
Max Lv.
WildIcon 4,872 PopIcon 3,703 CoolIcon 3,644
Idolized Initial
WildIcon PopIcon CoolIcon
Max Lv.
WildIcon 6,132 PopIcon 4,343 CoolIcon 4,284
Etoile +5
WildIcon PopIcon CoolIcon

How to acquireEdit

Takamichi Sanzenin