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(Valentine's Day Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE

(Valentine's Day Scout) Runa Kagurazaka GR



This chocolate is my gift to you. It's full of my love, so be prepared, okay?


Pretty Chocolate
Tap judgement strength skill When the COMBO reaches 100, Tap Judgment will be strengthened for the next 15 seconds! GOOD and GREAT taps will be changed to PERFECT.

(50%(Lv.1) / 68% (Lv.10) chance of activation when COMBO reaches 100)

(Percent +2 per Skill Lv. Up)

Angel Blanc
Pop 'N Star The Score Value of all Icon Taps is increased by x2.8!

(Activates when all POP'N STAR members are on the team and this card is the Leader)

Un-idolized Initial
WildIcon 4,518 PopIcon 4,967 CoolIcon 4,518
Max Lv.
WildIcon 6,476 PopIcon 7,103 CoolIcon 6,476
Idolized Initial
WildIcon 4,895 PopIcon 5,479 CoolIcon 5,095
Max Lv.
WildIcon 7,271 PopIcon 8,053 CoolIcon 7,471
Etoile +5
WildIcon 10,906 PopIcon 12,079 CoolIcon 11,206

How to acquireEdit

  • Scout during the Valentine's Day Scout gacha to get a higher chance of receiving the LE.
  • You have another chance of obtaining the LE by scouting in the Republishing Scout that goes on from 09/07/2016 until 09/11/2016
  • The card is available in the Premium, Royal, Badge, Crown & Event Scouts
Runa Kagurazaka