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0301 0302 0303
Toya Honoki LE Toya Honoki GR Tatsumi Madarao LE
0304 0305 0306
Tatsumi Madarao GR Aoi Kakitsubata LE Aoi Kakitsubata GR
0307 0308 0309
(Ifuurinzen, Samurai Tamashi) Yoshitsugu Kira N (Ifuurinzen, Samurai Tamashi) Yoshitsugu Kira HN (Ifuurinzen, Samurai Tamashi!) Tsubaki Rindo LE
0310 0311 0312
(Ifuurinzen, Samurai Tamashi!) Tsubaki Rindo GR (Halloween scout) Satsuki Kururugi SR (Halloween scout) Satsuki Kururugi UR
0313 0314 0315
(Halloween scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Halloween scout) Mutsuki Kururugi UR (Halloween scout) Aoi Kakitsubata SR
0316 0317 0318
(Halloween scout) Aoi Kakitsubata UR (Halloween scout) Kokoro Hanabusa SR (Halloween scout) Kokoro Hanabusa UR
0319 0320 0321
(Halloween Scout) Eva Armstrong LE (Halloween scout) Eva Armstrong GR (Halloween Scout) Mio Yamanobe LE
0322 0323 0324
(Halloween scout) Mio Yamanobe GR (Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass) Kunio Fushikawa N (Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass) Kunio Fushikawa HN
0325 0326 0327
(Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass) Akio Tobikura LE (Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass) Akio Tobikura GR (Kiss me HERO!) Enju Hayama N
0328 0329 0330
(Kiss me HERO!) Enju Hayama HN (Kiss me HERO!) Seiya Aido LE (Kiss me HERO!) Seiya Aido GR
0331 0332 0333
(Reading Week Scout) Kanata Minato SR (Reading Week Scout) Kanata Minato UR (Reading Week Scout) Momoi Kyosuke SR
0334 0335 0336
(Reading Week Scout) Momoi Kyosuke UR (Reading Week Scout) Shiki Amabe SR (Reading Week Scout) Shiki Amabe UR
0337 0338 0339
(Reading Week Scout) Tatsumi Madarao SR (Reading Week Scout) Tatsumi Madarao UR (Reading Week Scout) Li Chaoyang LE
0340 0341 0342
(Reading Week Scout) Li Chaoyang GR (Reading Week Scout) Rabi LE (Reading Week Scout) Rabi GR
0343 0344 0345
(Momiji no hosomichi) Michiru Kagari N (Momiji no hosomichi) Michiru Kagari HN (Momiji no hosomichi) Toya Honoki LE
0346 0347 0348
(Momiji no hosomichi) Toya Honoki GR Kota Kiyomiya N Kota Kiyomiya HN
0349 0350 0351
Rikka Kiyomiya N Rikka Kiyomiya HN Ginga Kiyomiya N
0352 0353 0354
Ginga Kiyomiya HN Runa Kagurazaka R Runa Kagurazaka RR
0355 0356 0357
Momosuke Oikawa R Momosuke Oikawa RR Runa Kagurazaka SR
0358 0359 0360
Runa Kagurazaka UR Momosuke Oikawa SR Momosuke Oikawa UR
0361 0362 0363
Runa Kagurazaka LE Runa Kagurazaka GR Momosuke Oikawa LE
0364 0365 0366
Momosuke Oikawa GR (It's sho Time!) Hisashi Tojo N (It's sho Time!) Hisashi Tojo HN
0367 0368 0369
(It's sho Time!) Raku Wakaouji LE (It's sho Time!) Raku Wakaouji GR (X'mas Scout) Noah SR
0370 0371 0372
(X'mas Scout) Noah UR (X'mas Scout) Lucas SR (X'mas Scout) Lucas UR
0373 0374 0375
(X'mas Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (X'mas Scout) Hikaru Orihara UR (X'mas Scout) Ban Jumonji SR
0376 0377 0378
(X'mas Scout) Ban Jumonji UR (X'mas Scout) Issei Todoroki LE (X'mas Scout) Issei Todoroki GR
0379 0380 0381
(X'mas Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin LE (X'mas Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin GR (Virgin Snow) Adam Miller N
0382 0383 0384
(Virgin Snow) Adam Miller HN (Virgin snow) Akira Mitsurugi LE (Virgin snow) Akira Mitsurugi GR
0385 0386 0387
(Hitori de dekiru mon!) Kota Kiyomiya N (Hitori de dekiru mon!) Kota Kiyomiya HN (Hitori de dekiru mon!) Momosuke Oikawa LE
0388 0389 0390
(Hitori de dekiru mon!) Momosuke Oikawa GR (New Year Scout) Seiya Aido SR (New Year Scout) Seiya Aido UR
0391 0392 0393
(New Year Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (New Year Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi UR (New Year Scout) Futami Akabane SR
0394 0395 0396
(New Year Scout) Futami Akabane UR (New Year Scout) Mio Yamanobe SR (New Year Scout) Mio Yamanobe UR
0397 0398 0399
(New Year Scout) Tatsumi Madarao LE (New Year Scout) Tatsumi Madarao GR (New Year Scout) Aoi Kakitsubata LE
(New Year Scout) Aoi Kakitsubata GR

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