A good day for a date 1 (1)
Aoi: Hm-hmm-hm-hm~ ♪
Aoi: No… I just can’t decide on a good hairstyle… Should I just start over from the beginning one more time? But with only this much time…
Aoi: Sigh, this is no good; I’m all worked up. Since when has my heart gone all aflutter from going on a date with someone?
A good day for a date 1 (2)
Aoi: Does that just mean that I’m serious about this, too? Fufu.
Aoi: Now then, I wonder what she’ll look like today. I’m looking forward to it~
Producer: I wonder why Kakitsubata-kun called me out here all of a sudden…
Producer: Did I do something, I wonder…?
Aoi: Hey. Thanks for coming!
Producer: Kakitsubata-kun! What on earth is this all about, today?
Aoi: I’d just thought that we could go on a date today, Sensei.
Producer: A date…? Why would we go out on a date?
A good day for a date 1 (3)
Aoi: Eh, why would you say that? The idea of going on a date with me puts you off that much?
Producer: It’s not that I’m against it as much as I’d have never expected it…
Aoi: Don’t be so modest.
Producer: …I’m not being modest, though.
Aoi: Ah, you’re so cold. I’d only thought that I’d give you a reward, is all.
Producer: A reward? But I don’t remember doing anything that merited a reward…
Aoi: Well, you’re always working yourself to death for us.
A good day for a date 1 (4)
Aoi: We’ve got a big show coming up quite soon, don’t we? Today’s the last break we have before the real deal. I want to give you a chance to properly rest yourself.
Aoi: And I don’t want to see you stumbling about your work after pushing yourself too hard again, after all.
Producer: I don’t do that anymore. Really… Ahaha! Kakitsubata-kun, I wouldn’t have thought you’d be such a worrywart!
Aoi: …You finally smiled.
Producer: Eh?
Aoi: Come now, if I’m going to go on a date with you, then I want to spend that time seeing you smile.
A good day for a date 1 (5)
Aoi: So finally seeing your smile made me more happy than you are.
Producer: Kakitsubata-kun, you’re so…
Aoi: By the way, I’ve been worried about this for a while now, but…
Producer: What is it…?
Aoi: Isn’t my hair messed up? I mean, look, this part right here is…
Producer: Umm...
Aoi: …If you’re making that face and not saying anything, it really does look strange, doesn’t it? If I had just been able to fix in without any trouble…
Producer: It doesn’t look strange to me anywhere, though?
A good day for a date 1 (6)
Aoi: Eh?
Producer: You look just as cool as you always do!
Aoi: ! You win… I didn’t think you’d have a surprise attack like that ready for me.


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