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Producer: (I finally got to leave, but it seems it’s already 10 PM…
Producer: Just like I thought, looks like I’m gonna be late… I’ll just be a bother if I end up going at a time like this.
Producer: Huh? I’ve got a voicemail… wait, why are there so many?!
Producer: …And they’re from Issei-kun.)
Issei: [Exactly how long’re you planning on making me wait? Hurry up and get your ass here, [name].]
Producer: …They’re still waiting for me! I’ve gotta hurry up and get there now!
A special gift part 2 (1)
Issei: …Finally here, huh? And just what time do you think it is, exactly?
Producer: I didn’t think you’d wait up this long. …Thanks for waiting for me.
Issei: Sure. Although Futami and Takamichi already fell asleep…
Producer: Eh? Is it really all right to let them keep sleeping like it’s no big deal, though? It might cause a problem for the other people here…
Issei: Takamichi’s reserved the place, so it’ll be fine.
Producer: …As you’d expect of Sanzenin-kun.
Issei: But forget about that for now and look at me. I’ve been waiting for you all this time, after all.
Producer: I’m really sorry for being so late, okay? It really would’ve been okay if you hadn’t.
Issei: But I hold myself to keeping my promises, you know?
A special gift part 2 (2)
Issei: I never would’ve thought I’d end up spending Christmas Eve with you.
Producer: True… Although, this particular moment aside, there’s isn’t much of the 24th left, right?
Issei: Even if you say that, we were together all of yesterday and we’re together right now, so what’s the difference?
Issei: Here. This is your Christmas present. A reward for working so hard. You happy?
Producer: A present…? But, I didn’t prepare anything…?
Issei: Then use now to think over what you’ll get me in return. Until then I’ll keep it.
Producer: Eh, wait! Like I said, I don’t have anything I can give you…!
Issei: Well then, if I can’t give this to anyone, I guess I’ll just throw it out…
Producer: Ehh?! No, before you do that…There!
A special gift part 2 (3)
Issei: Hey, you won’t reach if you don’t tiptoe higher, y'know?
Producer: Jeez… It’s only because you’re so pointlessly big…!
Issei: [name]
Producer: Wh-what… Mm…?!
A special gift part 2 (4)
Issei: Mm...
Producer: Mmph…!
Producer: J-just now, that was…?!
Issei: There’s wasn’t anything else to be done, so I was just making us even. So make sure to treasure this present, got it?


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