Producer: (The last live show of the year… I hope it goes well…)
A special gift part 3 (1)
Issei: Hey, Producer.
Producer: Wah…! What is it, Issei-kun? Don’t surprise me by popping up from behind like that!
Issei: How’s your Christmas present turning out for ya?
Producer: The one you gave me?
A special gift part 3 (2)
Issei: Those sleeves of yours are so long I can’t tell if you’re wearin’ it or not.
Producer: Ahaha, I made sure to wear it. Here, look.
Producer: It’s so cute that I’ve been wearing it every day. But why’d you think to check if I was?
Issei: I’d be annoyed if you were just flaunting it everywhere, but after I bothered to give it to you I’d be offended if you didn’t ever wear it, y'know?
Producer: Ahaha! That’s so like you.
Producer: There’s no way I wouldn’t wear something as nice as this. A present that you picked out is important to me, after all.
Producer: Hey, what did you look like when you picked this out?
Producer: There’s no way you could have liked being in a store full of a bunch of girls, right?
A special gift part 3 (3)
Issei: Since I was getting something for you, that didn’t really matter.
Producer: Eh?
Issei: Do you think that I just picked something up to give you without being serious about it?
Producer: Of course I don’t!
Producer: (Issei-kun went that far for my sake…?)
Issei: Think a little harder about what it means for a man to give a woman something like this. That present wasn’t based on some half-assed feelings.
Producer: .....
A special gift part 3 (4)
Issei: Haha! …. Wait, what, are you crying?! But—
Issei: I guess that can be a cute side of you, can’t it. If you were any old woman then I’d probably find it annoying, but if it’s you, it’s fine.
Producer: …What do you mean by that?
A special gift part 3 (5)
Issei: It’s okay, so hurry up and stop crying. If you don’t—
Producer: …If I don’t?
Issei: No… I guess it’s all right for now… In any case, you make sure to wear that present during today’s show, got it?
Issei: If you do, I might just come to like you more and more!
Issei: Sure are a lotta you crowded in here, huh… You sure you wanna be at our show on New Year’s Eve?
Issei: But if you’re here already then we’ll leave you satisfied. Nah, we’ll make you want so much more that you’ll end up dyed with our colors.
Issei: At least while you’re here, you’re all my girls. For my love, you’ve gotta come at me with everything you’ve got.
Issei: And we’ll match that with everything we’ve got.
Issei: We’re gonna promise you a time here powerful enough to make you wanna come back next year.


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