A stormy art appreciation 1 (1)
Issei: Phew… I guess this’ll do, won’t it…? I’ll fix everything up to match how those guys move later.
Producer: So here’s where you were, Issei-kun.
Issei: What is it, Producer? You need something from me?
Producer: Yeah. We’ve got a somewhat odd job that’s come in, so I came to let you know about it.
A stormy art appreciation 1 (2)
Issei: Ohh? And just what kind of big job did you bring for us?
Producer: The job’s to report on a painting exhibition. It’ll be like exploring a whole new world for you, won’t it?
Issei: .....
Producer: The offer was made just for you. They’re looking to cultivate an interest in the arts among the younger generation. You know, kids who normally wouldn’t even step into an art museum.
Producer: Since this is a direct offer, you’d better work hard, Issei-kun!
Issei: .....
Producer: Issei-kun? Why are you so quiet?
A stormy art appreciation 1 (3)
Issei: You may be incredibly enthusiastic about this, but I’m gonna pass on this one.
Producer: Eh?
Issei: I don’t give a damn about art or nuanced stuff like that. There’s gotta be another Aichuu who’s a better fit for this, right?
Producer: What the… Why are you saying that, even after they went out of their way to ask for you specifically?
Issei: Look, you… Just use your head a little.
Producer: And what should I be using it for?
A stormy art appreciation 1 (4)
Issei: Do you really think that I can just follow orders and somehow be able to appreciate the fine arts?
Producer: Well, that’s…— Don’t just say that for yourself…
Issei: I’ve got no fuckin’ interest in who drew something if I’ve never met ‘em, and I don’t have any fuckin’ time to waste skirting around situations that I don’t care about!
Issei: Besides, you’ve got plenty of guys at your disposal who are fit for this kinda thing.
Producer: What do you mean by that?
Issei: There’s a unit like that, right? Y'know, that group of artists with all of the weird hair colors.
Producer: That may be true, but—
Issei: Don’t make me say it a million times. I’m not taking this job. That all you came here to say? If you’re done, then hurry up and get outta here.
Producer: …You hate the idea of doing this that much?
Issei: You never fuckin’ stop. Why do you want me to take this job so badly, huh?
Producer: …There’s a painting that I’d like to see with you, Issei-kun.
A stormy art appreciation 1 (5)
Issei: .....
Issei: What the hell’s that all about…? Are you… are you a dumbass or something?
Producer: I’m not, but if you really don’t want to do it, then I’ll ask someone el–
Issei: Damn it, guess I’ve got no choice.


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