Producer: Morning, Issei-kun.
A stormy art appreciation 2 (1)
Issei: Yeah.
Producer: Hey, if an idol’s always making a face like that, then they’re going to leave a bad impression, won’t they?
A stormy art appreciation 2 (2)
Issei: Tch! So sorry, but I’m still just an Aichuu, after all.
Producer: Now you’re just looking to pick a fight. …I’ve been really looking forward to today, though, you know?
Issei: Oh, realllly.
Producer: Oh, come on… Ah, I’ll take you through the exhibit once before we start filming. I did a brief run-through of the paintings in here, so I’ll teach you what I learned about them.
A stormy art appreciation 2 (3)
Issei: Can’t I just go by the script?
Producer: Those are just the very basics. But they said that if you had any particular thoughts or feelings that came to mind when you looked at the pieces, they’d prefer you talked about those.
Producer: I think that saying something that’s coming from the heart will convey more than anything else.
Issei: I kinda doubt that I’m gonna feel anything when I look at these paintings, though.
Producer: Well, you won’t know that unless you go look at them. Come on, first thing’s first– let’s head inside.
Producer: Look over here, Issei-kun. This painting is going to be the main attraction of the exhibit.
Issei: It’s pretty damn big, isn’t it?
Producer: Are you starting to take some interest?
A stormy art appreciation 2 (4)
Issei: Nah, not at all.
Producer: …Come on, just have a little bit of curiosity about it.
Issei: No matter how much you say that, it’s no use. I’ve told you from the very beginning that I don’t care about art at all, right?
Issei: I only came here 'cause you said you said you wanted to see it.
Producer: When I first looked at this piece when your job offer came in, I thought to myself that I’d really like to see it with you.
Producer: Don’t you kind of feel like it’s somehow similar to you?
Issei: You sayin’ that this picture of a sunset looks like me?
Producer: Well, because sunsets have a kind of dark atmosphere about them, but they’re beautiful to look at. They look even redder after a storm’s passed and the rain’s stopped.
Producer: Since you’ve ended up living your life in such a tumultuous manner, you seem to shine in this sort of red light, and mesmerize people more than most…That’s what I feel like saying when I look at this piece.
Producer: I’d like it if you could say something like that to everyone watching, Issei-kun.
Issei: .....
Issei: Hey, producer.
Producer: What?
A stormy art appreciation 2 (5)
Issei: I’m starting to like this painting. Tell me more about it.


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