Adam Miller
アダム・ミラー, Adamu Miraa
Adam Miller
The Latin iKids!
"Adam Miller~! Adam and Akira are both dark-skinned~! Nice, isn't it~?"
Age 4
Birthday December 10th
Blood Type B
Height 105 cm
Weight 15 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Jumping
Fave Food Curry
LeastFave Food Cucumbers
Looks up to Akira Mitsurugi
Group baby hop


A half-Japanese boy with an innocent personality. He is interested in everything. He is of Latin descent.


Adam Miller N (Virgin Snow) Adam Miller N (Renai Detox) Adam Miller N (Kaitou♥Hunting) Adam Miller N

Character LinesEdit

It's Adam Miller~! Adam loves Mama so much!
Ya~y! Let's all have fun singing and dancing! ♪
Akira and Adam are completely black! He gave Adam a ride on his shoulders so Adam likes him~!
Kaoru~ those snacks look delicious! Give Adam a bite please!
Yoshitsugu always looks angry, it's funny!
Story Please read a story that you like!
Main Story From where should we start~?
There are a lot so Adam is confused~
Love Story It's read, 'love story'! Mama said that I can have it when I become an adult!
I'm sure there are beautiful love stories!
Shop You can buy what you want here!
Disk Purchase Aichuu's info? Adam wants to see it too!
Friends It said 'friend'! Are there many~?
Other It can do a lot of things!

Affection StoryEdit

Innocence ♪

Adam Miller - Innocence (1)
Adam: Amazing! Lots of flowers are blooming in this garden!
Adam: There are also some flowers Adam has never seen at all!!
Adam: Wonder if Adam can take just one~ Bet the teacher would be happy if Adam shows it to her.
Adam: And then maybe she'll kiss Adam on the cheek! She could give Adam a kiss like mama does.
Adam: Oh? What is it, Miss? Do you also want to smell the flowers?
Adam: Ehehe! Together with Adam! Adam is called Adam Miller.
Adam: A good child always tells his name first! That's what Mama said.
Adam: Hey, do you think Adam is a good child, Miss?
Adam: Really? Adam is very happy.
Adam: Because Adam happy, can you give him a kiss?

Praise me, praise me~

Adam Miller - Praise me, praise me (1)
Adam: Good morning! Ah, we meet again, Miss. Adam is really, really happy.
Adam: Mama said today is a photo shooting with an admirable senior.
Adam: Adam doesn't understand what an admirable senior is, but getting to wear clothes you usually don't wear is really fun!
Adam: You need to wait here until Adam has changed his clothes. Adam wants you to see how cool he is.
Adam Miller - Praise me, praise me (2)
Adam: Hey, look, look! Matching clothes with Akira. These clothes are cool, right?
Adam: Hey, when Adam spins around it makes him all fluffy. Adam really likes this.
Adam: Akira has also praised Adam, you know? He said it suits Adam much better than him. But, he shouldn't say that.
Adam: After all, Akira is a lot cooler than Adam while wearing these clothes.
Adam: Someday, Adam wants to become a cool adult like Akira.

Happy to help

Adam Miller - Happy to help (1)
Adam: Adam's happy the weather's so good! Mama said these clothes really suit Adam.
Adam: Adam also heard he's working together with Akira, but is that really true? Adam's really looking forward to it.
Adam: Because Adam is meeting Akira and met you too, he is going to give his best at the job!
Adam: Miss, please look after Adam, okay?
Adam Miller - Happy to help (2)
Adam: Adam is really happy that he can help Akira!
Adam: You know, Akira said that he feels really grateful to Adam earlier.
Adam: But Adam is the one who feels grateful too!
Adam: After all, Adam can not help but stay near Akira! Akira is gentle and cool, Adam loves him!
Adam: When Adam is grown up, he wants to be like Akira. ... Adam can definitely make it, right?

Sexy iKids!?

Adam Miller - Sexy iKids (1)
Adam: Miss! It's hot so can Adam take off his clothes?
Adam: Ehehe~, Adam is talking like Akira! Seiya taught it to him.
Adam: He has taught Adam a lot of other things too! Uhm, let Adam pull down the zipper of your dress!
Adam: ... But your clothes don't have a zipper, Miss!
Adam: Uhh... how bad...
Adam Miller - Sexy iKids (2)
Adam: Miss! Look, look! The same outfit as Akira!
Adam: It's so cool, Adam feels a lot more like an adult!
Adam: Seiya called Akira "Sexy I-Chu"! Can Adam become like Akira too?
Adam: Huh? Adam is an iKids, so he's the "Sexy iKids"...?
Adam: Wah! How cool! From today on Adam is the Sexy iKids~!

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Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It’s Adam’s birthday! Wonder what present Adam gets~!
Yoshitsugu Yoshitsugu won’t be lonely on his birthday, because Adam is with him!
Akira It's Akira's birthday, right? Akira, Adam loves you!
Producer Happy birthday! It's happy happy!