Akari Tori
桃季朱里, Touri Akari
Akari Tori
The girly iKids!
"It's Aka-chan~! Going to play dolls with Kanata-chan now~ ♪ Do you want to play too?"
Age 4
Birthday February 3rd
Blood Type AB
Height 105 cm
Weight 14 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Collecting plush toys
Fave Food Gummy candy
LeastFave Food Vegetables
Looks up to Kanata Minato
Group baby hop


He has a spoiled personality and loves stuffed toys. Because he is so cute, he often gets mistaken for a girl.


Akari Tori N (Summer-colored Happy Smile) Akari Tori N (Dancing Darling) Akari Tori N

(Mogitate☆Fresh!) Akari Tori N

Character LinesEdit

It's Aka-chan! Aka-chan's full name is Akari Tori! Nice to meet you~
Aka-chan is a good kid! Won't follow a stranger!
Kanata-chan's RabiRabi is so cute, Aka-chan likes it!
Hisa-chan, smile~! Make a friendly smile~
Mayu-chan's face gets red easily! So cute~
Story It said you can read a story! Looking forward to it~
Main Story Let's read it together with Aka-chan!
Let's start from this story!
Love Story What's a 'love'? Maybe I'll pick this~
A beautiful story would be nice~
Shop Welcome~ shopping with Aka-chan!
Disk Purchase There's a lot~
Friends Is there lotsa friends here~?
Other It said that we can do a lot of things here~

Affection StoryEdit

I'm a boy

Akari Tori - I'm a boy (1)
Akari: Funfufu-fu-fu-♪ Oh, came to a place never seen before.
Akari: Oh no, how troubling~ Got lost again. But Aka-chan doesn't know what to do when getting lost~
Akari: Oh my? Are you also lost, Miss? You are the same as Aka-chan.
Akari: Huh, that's not right? But if you're alone in an unknown place like this, aren't you lost?
Akari: Miss knows this place? That's amazing. That means Aka-chan isn't lost as well.
Akari: Aka-chan's name? But mom said to not tell strangers Aka-chan's name...
Akari: But I'll tell you, because you're cute. But don't tell mom. She is scary when she gets angry.
Akari: Aka-chan is Akari Tori. People say Aka-chan looks like a girl, but Aka-chan is a boy.

Ta-dah ♪

Akari Tori - Ta-dah (1)
Akari: Ah, Miss! Hello.
Akari: Aka-chan is very, very happy to see you again.
Akari: But why are you in this place?
Akari: Today, Aka-chan's work is to be at a photo shooting.
Akari: Ah! Might as well show it to you. Isn't that really cool? Just wait for a bit~
Akari Tori - Ta-dah (2)
Akari: Ta-dah-dah! Isn't it amazing? A matching outfit with Kanata-chan.
Akari: And today Pikki-kun is the same as me. Really glad we get to be so cool~
Akari: Ah, let's match with Aka-chan too, Miss? Aka-chan will ask the adults to get it for you!

Let's dance!

Akari Tori - Let's dance (1)
Akari: Hello, Miss. What have you been looking for this entire time?
Akari: You looked for Aka-chan? Eh, it's already time for the rehearsal?
Akari: Alright, then Aka-chan will change clothes, so wait here, okay?
Akari Tori - Let's dance (2)
Akari: Look, Miss. A matching outfit with Kanata-chan, it's really cool, isn't it?
Akari: Kanata-chan promised that we'll spin around lots and lots today.
Akari: Since Kanata-chan brought Rabirabi with him, Aka-chan brought Pikki-kun to dance with us too!
Akari: We danced together to practise earlier too.
Akari: Aka-chan spun around so much earlier he was getting dizzy, but Kanata-chan helped him.
Akari: So when you will ever get dizzy, Aka-chan is sure Kanata-chan will help you too.
Akari: And of course Aka-chan will help you too.
Akari: So let's spin around lots and lots together too, Miss.

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It’s Aka-chan’s birthday! Celebrating is fun!
Mayumi Will give Mayu-chan a mud dumpling! Because it’s his birthday!
Kanata Kanata-chan, happy birthday~! Aka-chan is happy too~!
Producer Happy birthday~!