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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Akio Tobikura

... Who is it, standing over there... Could it be... are you our new producer?
M-moreover don't come over here! I don't like it when people get close
Especially girls... they're definitely impossible
Eh? ... You're interested in the glass dragonfly balls I've made? They aren't really a big deal
I like making sparkly things like this
... Laugh if you think it's weird. You probably think that gloomy guys who like sparkly things are weird don't you?
Y-you're praising me? ... T-thank, you. ... If it's just one, if you like it, I'll give you

Initial R/RR No Confidence
Second Batch R/RR Praise me!
Initial SR/UR Lover role!?
Summer Festival SR/UR The fireworks are sparkly
Flower Viewing SR/UR Light petals
Second Batch SR/UR A pat on the head as reward
RPG SR/UR The blue bird of happiness
White Day SR/UR Return gift from my heart
Initial LE/GR Conquest
Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass LE/GR Absolute Barrier Pure Glass
1st Anniversary LE/GR A glass bead full of feelings
Animal Teahouse LE/GR Cat's feelings are difficult to understand
X'mas 2016 LE/GR Please hug me really tight
Gods of fortune LE/GR A step towards smiling and good luck
Grandmaster LE/GR Discovered brightness
FanxFunxGift 2 LE/GR FanxFunxGift 2 Akio ver.

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