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Are you doing some kind of training? As you can see, I'm like this… Fuhii
Seiya I go running everyday. Also, I do some vocal training in the morning.
Kanata I train my trunk on the balance ball.
Akira Lately I've been doing some training for my spinal cord.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki In order to train my legs, I go running every day!
Mutsuki When I wake up in the morning, I do some vocal exercises~
Noah I train with my guitar every day. After all, my fingers get dull if I don't do that.
Leon Running!
Chaoyang Since I don't have much physical strength, I try to build it up little by little with some sit-ups or push-ups.
Rabi I go to the gym for kickboxing.
Lucas Everyday muscle training is a must. After that, I also do some training with the bass.
Torahiko I'm pretty strong since I carry art supplies around every day!
Kyosuke Hawawa… I'm not good with physical training.
Shiki Fufu. I do training everyday to protect little kittens.
Hikaru If it's for the sake of preserving this beauty of mine, then I shall stick to any training regimen until the very end!
Raku I don't really like training.
Kokoro I've been going to the gym!
Runa I train my legs so that I don't injure myself while dancing.
Momosuke I-I don't like doing work-outs~
Issei I'm training my body everyday.
Futami Issei said that I'll get overweight if I don't train my body!
Takamichi I always train at the gym in my home. Somehow Issei is using the facilities as if he owned the place though.
Eva Because my body is invulnerable, training is unnecessary!
Mio I move my body everyday〜 I also go out searching for medicinal herbs〜
Ban I give it my best at runnin' for Master and Mio too!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I'm training everyday. Our job is one that requires stamina, after all.
Toya I must try my best as I am not as strong as Tsubaki and the others.
Tatsumi Lately I'm training my spinal cord.
Aoi My training would of course be taking care of my skin and nutritional balance without fail.
Kuro I have singing lessons every day.
Saku You can't keep up a live if you don't have stamina. I make sure to exercise every day.
Baber Baber doesn't like to move. But on stage Baber moves, you know?

What do you think about my works? No, no... Never mind!
Seiya You make those detailed things a lot, don't you?
Kanata That glass bead was really pretty. When I hold it up, it sparkles a lot.
Akira I was surprised… Your creations are beautiful.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Not bad for being Akio….
Mutsuki That glass bead is beautiful and it shines too.
Noah Even though you always say negative things, you make some beautiful creations.
Leon Akio~ You're greeeat!
Chaoyang Akio-san's glass beads are really beautiful and I love them.
Rabi The glass beads are really beautiful. Each of it has a lovely design.
Lucas The glass that guy makes is beautiful.
Torahiko Before I go on a journey he always gives me a glass bead!
Kyosuke Even though he's always afraid and timid, his creations are actually really imposing!
Shiki That Akio, I'm pretty sure he's incredibly happy when others compliment his creations.
Hikaru The glass works that Akio creates are extremely beautiful!
Raku His creations stand out above the rest, but the person himself doesn't really stand out.
Kokoro Glass beads are cute, aren't they~? He gave me some recently!
Runa They're beautiful glass beads. I'm grateful for the gift, Akio-san.
Momosuke Akio-kun must be having a beautiful heart too, that's why he can create something so pretty!
Issei At a glance he looks like a weakling. I'm not interested in picking on the weaks...
Futami Unlike the person himself, the creations are sparkling~ Ah, sorry!
Takamichi Next time I'd like to get him to make the decorations for my home...
Eva The air about you is melancholic... This work is not like that of an ordinary man...
Mio Akio's glass beads are beautiful! I wonder if he can make black quartz for curses too~♪
Ban Akio is usually gloomy, but his work sparkles!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki The glass seems so fragile so I'm kind of afraid of it...
Toya I always carry around the glass bead I received from Akio-kun the other day.
Tatsumi For someone so gloomy to be capable of making something so beautiful, humans are really hard to understand, right?
Aoi Despite always being so gloomy and damp, you produce great works of art. It's strange.
Kuro Glass beads, huh... I guess there are those "personal experience" corners too. Alright, explain it to me in simple words!
Saku I think that they're beautiful. The complete opposite of you.
Baber Sparkling glass beads... Really beautiful~

What is your favorite subject? Mine is science….
Seiya PE! As for the others, please give me a break…
Kanata Classical literature, I think.
Akira Maths, maybe.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I hate studying~
Mutsuki National language, maybe? But when people read aloud I get sleepy… Zzz...
Noah I don't really have a subject that I love, but my forte is national language, I think?
Leon Y-you're not asking me 'that' sort of question, right?! It's PE, PE!
Chaoyang I'm good at history… In particular, world history. But I'm interested in Japanese history too.
Rabi I'm good at national language.
Lucas I'm good at geology.
Torahiko None.
Kyosuke I like Japanese history a bit~
Shiki I'm good at chemistry.
Hikaru This beautiful me doesn't have any subject that I don't like.
Raku I was good at national language.
Kokoro Music! I love to sing!
Runa I enjoy studying, so I have no disliked subjects.
Momosuke Uhm~ I was good at Home Economics, you know?
Issei I told you not to give me academic related questions!
Futami Uuhm~ I think it was science?
Takamichi I'm good at everything! I'm a man who can do everything, after all!
Eva English is my best subject.
Mio I was good at science related subjects~ Also, I think I did well in art ♪
Ban I hate studying!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Of course it's Japanese history.
Toya I like classical literature and Japanese history. I'm not good with science and maths... Ahaha.
Tatsumi I like geography.
Aoi All subjects. I am smart after all.
Kuro History. It's interesting when you try to imagine the scenery of different periods.
Saku If I had to say it, then Japanese history. But I don't have a subject I'm bad at.
Baber Music.... Kuro is really good at singing...

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