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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Akira Mitsurugi

Nice to meet you, right? I am Akira Mitsurugi. An I-chu.
At first I did modeling, but the company president asked me if I wanted to become an idol.
And then before I knew it, I was registered at this school.
You really don't know what's going to happen in life...
I wonder if I'll become like an older brother in my group.
Well, if it's those two, even if it's not me, I think an older brother role needs to be filled.
Will you give it your all too? Producer.
If we're going to do it, let's aim for the highest point!

Initial R/RR Do you want to know about me?
Second Batch R/RR Akira's younger brother treatment?!
Initial SR/UR Being old enough to know better
Art Appreciation SR/UR Two-sided Mask
Astronomical Observation SR/UR Keeping the night to myself
Animal Teahouse SR/UR A butler's duty
Hot Springs SR/UR Drunk happenings
Amusement Park SR/UR A love hotter than hot coffee
Second Batch SR/UR Akira's helping
Part-time Job 2017 SR/UR A magic recipe and your taste
Initial LE/GR Near me
Summer festival LE/GR The me dressed in a Yukata
Virgin snow LE/GR Virgin Snow
FanxFunxGift LE/GR FanxFunxGift Akira ver.
Arabian LE/GR Ideal Love
1st Anniversary LE/GR What you changed
Renai Detox LE/GR Love Detox
Yumeiro Cast Collaboration LE/GR Love Teaching
Perfume (2016 Awards) GR Akira Mitsurugi's Perfume
Necklace (2016 Awards) GR Akira Mitsurugi's Accessory
Dakimakura (2016 Awards) GR Akira Mitsurugi's Dakimakura
New Year 2017 LE/GR The secret of the sunrise
2016 I-Chu Awards GR 2016 General Election 2nd Place
White Day LE/GR Love of gratitude and return kiss

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