Aliases Edit

Akira Mitsurugi's Aliases
Alias Called by
Akira Seiya, Noah, Leon, Rabi, Lucas, Torahiko, Akio, Raku, Tsubaki, Tatsumi, Aoi, Issei, Takamichi, Mio, Ban, Kokoro, Adam
Akira-kun Kanata, Kyosuke, Toya, Futami
Akira-san Chaoyang, Runa, Momosuke
Mitsurugi-kun Satsuki, Mutsuki, Shiki
Mitsurugi Akira Hikaru
Dark Sword Eva
Pheromone Prince Shiki, Hikaru, Kanata, Seiya, Adam, Akira's fans in the Virgin Snow Event Story

Event story appearancesEdit

Appears in
Kanata event
Virgin snow banner
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou banner
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse banner
Hakushukassai! Yumeiro Tour banner
Gokuraku Jodo no Suminagashi banner
Seiya no hoshi ni negai wo banner
Yozora ni matataku ittousei banner
Kaitou♥Hunting banner
ICHU☆Kaika Sengen banner
Kirameki ☆ Sweet Surprise banner
Mogitate☆Fresh! banner

Tarot GachaEdit

Akira's Tarot Cards
Card Translation
Akira R Tarot

It seems to be a happy day full of affection. Distribute that happiness to the people around you.

Huh? I want to share that happiness... Fufu. Well then, shall we be happy together?

Akira RR Tarot

Demonstrate good service to many today. Perhaps you'll make a funny and interesting friend. It'll be good to check the trend. Be fashionable when going out, it'll look especially nice.

...The clothes that I wear today, should I coordinate it all?

Akira SR Tarot

It looks like you can't make good use of the opportunity. There is no courage to take action, it's a waste.

I've been doing my best thus far, so let's try and get to the end. Don't miss the chance to try and change yourself.

Misc. Facts Edit

  • He is in the third generation.
  • His favourite colour is black.
  • He is good at yoga and says that his body is limber.
  • He used to be a model, and because of that he is good at posing.
  • He likes that Japan has four seasons.
  • His favourite animal is the owl.
  • He likes to wear neat clothes.
  • If he were to go to a deserted island, he would bring water just to be safe.
  • He finds the taste of almond jelly peculiar.
  • He does yoga before he sleeps.
  • He likes citrus bathing powder.
  • He can make all kinds of recipes, but his specialty is fried rice.
  • He would like to visit a German town in the winter as he heard they are beautiful.
  • He thinks that Hollywood musicals are amazing.
  • He thinks that Stonehedge is a mysterious place.
  • People often call him mysterious.
  • He thinks that Piroshki is delicious.
  • He likes the Shinsengumi (the police force of ancient Japan) and respects Hijikata Toshizou.
  • He likes Western mystery books.
  • He prefers red wine over white wine.
  • He initially thought that Kumakocho was a suspicious person.
  • He would call Torahiko a genius at painting.
  • His favourite season is winter, and he thinks summer is too hot and difficult to deal with.
  • He loves coffee.
  • He doesn't read manga.
  • He wears glasses at home.
  • Recently, he has been doing training for the spinal cord.
  • His favourite subject is math.
  • If he had a superpower, he would like to be able to read minds.
  • When he bathes, he washes his head before the body.
  • The thing he considers the most beautiful in the world is his appearance which he puts a lot of effort into.
  • He was addicted to online shopping at some point in time.
  • The animal he would compare himself to is the black panther because it is black. He said that he might want to become a black panther in his next life.
  • His favourite power stone is Libyan desert glass as he likes its appearance.
  • His favourite type of flower is the black lily.
  • He sleeps about 6 hours each night.
  • His favourite part of his body would be his fingers. He says that Seiya and Kanata have complimented him on them before.
  • He likes Western music. (?)
  • Type of girl he likes: A hard working girl.
  • The iKid Adam Miller is his "dark-skinned friend".
  • His ideal date plan is to have dinner on a cruise.
  • When sleeping, he wears a shirt and shorts.
  • In the Virgin snow event story, he got called "Pheromone Prince" by his female fans after he winked at the camera during a concert.