Let's tell everyone our age, shall we? File:AkiraQ1.ogg
Seiya I'm 17 years old! I look like that, right? File:AkiraQ1 Seiya.ogg
Kanata I'm 15 years old! File:AkiraQ1 Kanata.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Fresh 16 years old! File:AkiraQ1 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki 16 years old. File:AkiraQ1 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah I'm 17 years old. File:AkiraQ1 Noah.ogg
Leon I'm 17! File:AkiraQ1 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang I'm 17… I've often been mistaken as younger. File:AkiraQ1 Li.ogg
Rabi I'm 17 years old. I look older though. File:AkiraQ1 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I'm 17, is there a problem with that? File:AkiraQ1 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko I'm 19 years old! File:AkiraQ1 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Even though I look younger, I'm actually 19 years old. File:AkiraQ1 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio 19 years old… File:AkiraQ1 Akio.ogg
Shiki I'm 22 years old. File:AkiraQ1 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru I'm 20 years old, but my skin is soft like that of a baby! File:AkiraQ1 Hikaru.ogg
Raku I'm 22. Saying that I talk like an old man, what a rude lad. File:AkiraQ1 Raku.ogg
Kokoro I'm 15 years old! File:AkiraQ1 Kokoro.ogg
Runa I'm 15 years old. The same age as Kokoro and Momo. File:AkiraQ1 Runa.ogg
Momosuke 15 years old. The same as Kokoro-chan and Runa-chan. File:AkiraQ1 Momosuke.ogg
Issei I'm 25. The same age as that woman… File:AkiraQ1 Issei.ogg
Futami I'm 25, the same as my gang. File:AkiraQ1 Futami.ogg
Takamichi I'm 25. I'm as old as Issei and Futami are! Don't treat me like someone younger! File:AkiraQ1 Takamichi.ogg
Eva I'm 427 years old... Hey! Don't spill that I'm only 29! File:AkiraQ1 Eva.ogg
Mio Fresh 15 years old! File:AkiraQ1 Mio.ogg
Ban 15 years old! The same age as Mio! File:AkiraQ1 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I'm 21 years old. I'm often told that I look older, but I don't look that old, do I? File:AkiraQ1 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya I'm 22 years old. I'm older than Tsubaki. File:AkiraQ1 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi 19 years old. I'm still not of age yet. File:AkiraQ1 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi I don't like being asked about my age, but I guess it can't be helped... I'm 20 years old. File:AkiraQ1 Aoi.ogg
Kuro 25 years old.. Tsk, it's the same age as that woman. How repulsive. File:AkiraQ1 Kuro.ogg
Saku 26 years old. I am older than Producer-chan by one year. File:AkiraQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber 26. Baber is older than the producer ♪ File:AkiraQ1 Baber.ogg

Do you have a favorite beverage? File:AkiraQ2.ogg
Seiya I only drink carbonated water! File:AkiraQ2 Seiya.ogg
Kanata I like apple juice! File:AkiraQ2 Kanata.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I like ginger ale! File:AkiraQ2 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki I like herb tea. File:AkiraQ2 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah I like tea. File:AkiraQ2 Noah.ogg
Leon I really like carbonated water. I especially like the ones combined with fruit flavor! File:AkiraQ2 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang I really like… Chinese tea. File:AkiraQ2 Li.ogg
Rabi I like coffee. File:AkiraQ2 Rabi.ogg
Lucas Sweet red bean soup is really nice. File:AkiraQ2 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko It's water! It can be used to dissolve paint too so it's really useful! File:AkiraQ2 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Milk tea has a tender flavor. File:AkiraQ2 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Carbonated water… File:AkiraQ2 Akio.ogg
Shiki Coffee, I guess… File:AkiraQ2 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru I elegantly hold tea cups. I like tea. File:AkiraQ2 Hikaru.ogg
Raku Hot green tea is good. File:AkiraQ2 Raku.ogg
Kokoro Bubble tea! File:AkiraQ2 Kokoro.ogg
Runa I like citrus sour beverages. File:AkiraQ2 Runa.ogg
Momosuke I like strawberry milk! Sweet beverages are nice~ File:AkiraQ2 Momosuke.ogg
Issei I like brandy, but it has nothing to do with you, right? File:AkiraQ2 Issei.ogg
Futami This old man loves very cold beer~ File:AkiraQ2 Futami.ogg
Takamichi Cocoa... of course not! Ahem... It's black coffee. File:AkiraQ2 Takamichi.ogg
Eva The blood of living maiden bestowed me boiling hot energy. File:AkiraQ2 Eva.ogg
Mio I like shakes. They're chilling and delicious~♪ File:AkiraQ2 Mio.ogg
Ban I like any kind of carbonated water! File:AkiraQ2 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like shochu. Though actually, my alcohol tolerance isn't that high. Toya is a strong drinker though. File:AkiraQ2 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya I like citron tea. File:AkiraQ2 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi I like fruit juice. File:AkiraQ2 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Mineral water is the healthiest. File:AkiraQ2 Aoi.ogg
Kuro Favourite beverage? Water because it's the cheapest. File:AkiraQ2 Kuro.ogg
Saku Coffee with milk. I am not good with bitter stuff File:AkiraQ2 Saku.ogg
Baber Baber likes cocktails. I don't drink it but I like to gaze at it. File:AkiraQ2 Baber.ogg

What do you think about the producer? File:AkiraQ3.ogg
Seiya She's my dependable producer! File:AkiraQ3 Seiya.ogg
Kanata Ms. Producer is really friendly! File:AkiraQ3 Kanata.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki It's really cheeky how the producer is a woman! File:AkiraQ3 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki I though it would be a person that pampers, but it wasn't like that…. File:AkiraQ3 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah Fufu, I think she's a beautiful person. File:AkiraQ3 Noah.ogg
Leon Points up just because she's a woman! File:AkiraQ3 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang I think she's dependable. File:AkiraQ3 Li.ogg
Rabi I think she's a nice person. File:AkiraQ3 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I don't have a problem with her being a woman as long as she's efficient. File:AkiraQ3 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko Whether they're a man or a woman is not important. As long as they're interesting they're welcome! File:AkiraQ3 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Producer is like a cool woman in manga! File:AkiraQ3 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio I didn't know that the producer was a woman! File:AkiraQ3 Akio.ogg
Shiki It's an honor to be trained by such a beautiful producer. File:AkiraQ3 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru What a noble person! File:AkiraQ3 Hikaru.ogg
Raku She's an interesting producer. File:AkiraQ3 Raku.ogg
Kokoro She's really dependable~! We can also talk about clothes! File:AkiraQ3 Kokoro.ogg
Runa A very lovely woman. I think that she suits my taste in women. File:AkiraQ3 Runa.ogg
Momosuke She has the feel of an older sister! I love her since she's kind to Momo! File:AkiraQ3 Momosuke.ogg
Issei That woman has always been noisy… File:AkiraQ3 Issei.ogg
Futami We've been acquainted since long ago, so... She has always been heartless~ File:AkiraQ3 Futami.ogg
Takamichi A gutsy one. There were occasions where she treated me like a brat, how irritating! File:AkiraQ3 Takamichi.ogg
Eva Isn't she still a young one...? Don't show an unsightly state before others... File:AkiraQ3 Eva.ogg
Mio As long as she doesn't ogle at Master then I think it's fine! File:AkiraQ3 Mio.ogg
Ban What a pretty lady~ I want to become a third generation and have her guide me from scratch again! File:AkiraQ3 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki A fine woman. ...Won't you become mine? File:AkiraQ3 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya I think she's a lovely woman. I'd like her to support us from now on as well. File:AkiraQ3 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi It's a hard thing for a woman to put us into shape, but if it's that woman then she surely can do it... File:AkiraQ3 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Having a female producer is very welcome. Way better than some filthy man! File:AkiraQ3 Aoi.ogg
Kuro That pest! She makes me nauseous! I hate that woman! File:AkiraQ3 Kuro.ogg
Saku Goddess! Angel! My bride! For her sake I can do anything! File:AkiraQ3 Saku.ogg
Baber Baber, likes Producer...... File:AkiraQ3 Baber.ogg

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