Producer: (Alright, looks like I’m going to get there earlier than I planned. That will let me finish up the papers I wanted to fix up this morn–)
All you can do is train hard 1 (1)
Ban: Ah, Producer! Mornin’!!
Producer: Jumonji-kun. Is something wrong? It’s still pretty early, after all.
Ban: Of course I’m here to practice jugglin’, right?
Producer: At this hour? …Do you do this every morning, perhaps?
Ban: Hehe, bingo. Ah, but I only started practicin’ juggling here recently, though.
Ban: Before that it was dancin’ or workin’ on my stamina. Stuff like that.
Producer: I see. I’d expect that from you.
Ban: Hehe, I’m basically an early bird! I get outta my house as fast as I can so that I can move around more.
All you can do is train hard 1 (2)
Ban: If I don’t, then Mio always starts treating me like I’m a real pain, so…
Producer: A pain?
Ban: To Mio, Master always comes first, so he told me that if I ever get in the way of Master’s performance, I’m not gettin’ any mercy.
Ban: And I never wanna fall prey to Mio’s black magic!
Producer: But you can come to the school if that’s the case. There are a lot more resources you can use there compared to here.
All you can do is train hard 1 (3)
Ban: Ehh, but nobody’s at school in the mornin’, right?
Ban: I don’t like bein’ there when no one’s around.
All you can do is train hard 1 (4)
Ban: You knew that, didn’t ya, Producer? That I’m the kinda guy who needs somebody watchin’ me to get motivated.
Ban: So that means the park’s the best option!
Ban: If I practice here, then I can make the old ladies and the lil’ kids passin’ by happy, and then I’ll feel good from that!
Producer: Ahaha! Somehow that’s just like you.
All you can do is train hard 1 (5)
Ban: …! Alright!
Producer: Eh?
Ban: [Play] Seein’ you smile so early in the mornin’ means that I’m super lucky today♪
Producer: Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration for just a smile?
Ban: No way is it an exaggeration! I’m gonna be happy for the rest of the mornin’ on.


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