Producer: Seeing me smile makes you happy?
All you can do is train hard! 2 (1)
Ban: Yeah, that smile’s the very source of my energy, y'know ♪
Ban: Woah, what kinda embarrassing stuff am I tryin’ to say so early in the morning? Should’ve known I’d feel embarrassed.
Producer: …Thank you. I really love the kind of smile you have when you get your juggling right, too.
All you can do is train hard! 2 (2)
Ban: !? P-Producer! Now I’m way too embarrassed~!
Producer: Ahaha! It really does seem like saying that ends up making us both embarrassed, huh?
Ban: Geez… Ah! Hey, Producer, you got some free time right now?
Producer: (I do have some work to finish up, but… If it’s just for a little while…)
Producer: …Sure, if it’s just for a bit, I’m free!
All you can do is train hard! 2 (3)
Ban: Gotcha! Then since you’re goin’ outta your way, I’d like to show you something special I’ve got!
Ban: I didn’t have much interest in bein’ an idol at first, but recently it’s been super, super fun!
Ban: I mean, isn’t having everyone lookin’ at me on such a huge stage totally amazing?
Ban: And if they start noticin’ me, then I can’t just quit, right? Bein’ an idol’s that kinda job, after all.
All you can do is train hard! 2 (4)
Ban: Ahaha, so now I can’t be anything else but an idol.
Producer: (…Ah, his overall tone’s changed.)
Ban: Inhale, exhale… …Okay! Well then, please watch me.
Ban: Ladies and gentlemen who have gathered here tonight. Be in good spirits. I am a humble servant of Bloody Master.
All you can do is train hard! 2 (5)
Ban: I am the one called Guilty Clown. For this tryst of ours this evening, I have honed tricks that encapsulate the very essence of a pierrot such as myself.
Ban: In this place impossible to tell from dream or reality, we would like to show unto you our dance, if only to allow your souls to enjoy themselves a slight bit.
Ban: Ladies, we shall certainly charm your very hearts. Now then, please enjoy this fleeting illusion.
Ban: H-How was that?
Producer: Amazing… That’s really a great accomplishment! With lines like that, the audience won’t be able to take their eyes off of you, Jumonji-kun!
Ban: Hehe! I’m glad!
Ban: I’ve gotta be able to give the opening line Master taught me without sayin’ it the wrong way, y'know?
Producer: But you also have to practice singing, too, and not just juggling.
Ban: Uuu. So you knew that I don’t usually feel like singin’ much?
Producer: I guess so. You’ve never really sung by yourself, after all.
Ban: Singin’, huh. Master said I wasn’t allowed to sing outside since it’d bother the neighbors. So I don’t feel super motivated to try…
Producer: Well then, how about I watch you practice?
Ban: Seriously!? Okay, it’s a promise, then!!


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