All you can do is train hard! 3 (1)
Ban: Sigh–… Somehow, I can’t calm down without my juggling balls…
Ban: I’ve been practicin’ every spare moment that I’ve had, but… I guess I can’t hold the balls with nails like this, after all…
Producer: That’s true, it would be rather hard to juggle when you can’t use your fingertips.
Ban: It really is~. Ah, somehow I’m gettin’ more nervous than I’ve ever been before.
Producer: Well, since there’s no juggling this time, you’ll be fine if you can just concentrate on your singing and dancing.
Producer: I’m really looking forward to your performance, Jumonji-kun.
All you can do is train hard! 3 (2)
Ban: I wish you’d stop putting pressure on me like that.
Producer: It’s not me putting pressure on you; I really am thinking that.
Ban: Isn’t it still pretty mean to say it anyway when you don’t need to?
Ban: Ahh, I’m so nervous that my chest hurts. I’ve never had somethin’ like this happen, though.
Producer: I think that’s just proof that you’ve started to get serious about this line of work.
All you can do is train hard! 3 (3)
Ban: I’d really be fine if I could just have fun with it. Well, no, not to say that I’m not having fun now, but…
Producer: If you’re serious about it, then you’ll enjoy yourself even more! So just prepare yourself already!
Ban: Okay! Producer, you can be super manly, can’t ya?
Producer: “Manly”, huh…? That’s not it, exactly. I just believe in you, is all.
Producer: …As long as you do your share of the hard work, then all of RE:BERSERK’s appeal will grow, as well.
Producer: And if that happens, then more and more people will know about RE:BERSERK.
Producer: An even larger audience than the one you have now will watch your performances.
Producer: Don’t you think that would be wonderful?
All you can do is train hard! 3 (4)
Ban: …Would you be happy if we became famous, Producer?
Producer: Of course.
Ban: So, in other words—
All you can do is train hard! 3 (5)
Ban: If I shine, then you’ll be happy enough to shine, too!
Producer: That’s exactly it!
Ban: Somehow I’m startin’ to feel a lot more determined now!
Producer: And that’s just how it has to be!
Ban: I still can’t imagine anything like a full audience, but…
Ban: If you say it’ll make ya happy, Producer, then I’ll do my best to the very end!


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