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Producer: Wakaouji-kun! I thought you’d be here!
Always Side-by-Side 1 (1)
Raku: Nnn… What do you want? You’re being so noisy this early in the morning.
Producer: What do you mean, “morning”? Lunch came and went a while ago.
Raku: Ah, that time already? I suppose that’s why I’m so hungry.
Producer: Just how long have you been here for, exactly?
Always Side-by-Side 1 (2)
Raku: Whether you’re awake or asleep, you’ve always got that same expression on you face, don’t you?
Producer: …Sigh. Well, don’t just laze around. Let’s hurry up and get to class.
Always Side-by-Side 1 (3)
Raku: If I feel like it.
Producer: (As usual, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be a responsible adult and go to his classes. Because his grades aren’t too bad, he keeps this awful attitude.)
Producer: …In any case, I have something to talk to you about after school, so will you wait for me in the classroom before you go home?
Raku: Sure, sure.
Producer: Don’t just say that; are you really going to be there?
Raku: Kukuku, well, aren’t you motherly.
Producer: Even though I don’t want to be scolding you like this?
Always Side-by-Side 1 (4)
Raku: Hooo-h? Well, then, what kind of conversation did you think you wanted to have with me?
Producer: That’s…
Always Side-by-Side 1 (5)
Raku: You know, every once in a while, I want to see you put on a different face.
Producer: –!!!
Raku: Haha, so you can make a face like that, too. That’s cute, turning so bright red. Is this the first time anybody’s ever whispered something so close to you?
Producer: D-Don’t you make fun of me!
Raku: Why’re you hiding your face? And after it took all of that to get that nice color.
Producer: Yeah, and I don’t want you to see my face like that!
Raku: Oh, have you hated me that much all this time?
Producer: A-Anyway, you should go get to class. And don’t forget that you promised to meet with me after school!
Raku: Understood, Producer.
Producer: I should be going, then. I’ll see you later!
Raku: (Fufu, I certainly have talent for getting reactions out of her.
Raku: Never have thought her face would get that red. I sure saw something good.
Raku: Such a shame she hid her face, though. I wanted to get a chance to properly enjoy her expression.)


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