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Anguish of the Composer in Charge 1 (1)
Lucas: ... It's no good. A melody like this... won't cut it.
Lucas: I have to think of a more different approach. Hitting a wall at a time like this... What should I do?
Producer: (I was thinking there was someone in here, it turns out to be Lucas-kun after all...)
Producer: (He's making such a scary face... He must be overthinking about something. As a producer, I can't overlook this...)
Producer: Good evening, Lucas-kun
Anguish of the Composer in Charge 1 (2)
Lucas: ... Do you need me for something?
Producer: I heard sounds coming from here. "It's probably Lucas-kun for sure," I thought.
Producer: Recently, you've been staying really late everyday haven't you? ... I'm worried because it seems you've been overworking yourself.
Lucas: Since it's to create the song I want, is there a problem with me overworking?
Producer: Taking a break sometimes is important too you know. If you keep thinking about the same thing again and again, you won't get any good ideas.
Producer: There are times when I allow time for myself to relax too. If you do so, you'll rest your brain and do better at work-
Anguish of the Composer in Charge 1 (3)
Lucas: I will decide that for myself. You have no right to tell me what to do.
Producer: No right...
Producer: (I'm your producer, so it's only natural for me to be concerned, is it not...?)
Lucas: I... have to do this. I need to write a song anyone would acknowledge and then-
Producer: And then...?
Lucas: ... It's nothing. Haven't you had enough? Then hurry up and leave
Producer: But...
Anguish of the Composer in Charge 1 (4)
Lucas: [Play] If you have no resolution, don't act like you know what you're doing!
Producer: !
Lucas: I want to write a good song. I have that resolution to do so, and I'm prepared to do whatever it takes. I don't need your concern, and it's just a nuisance. I'm requesting of you so, won't you leave me alone already?
Producer: ... I understand. I'm sorry to have been a bother.
Lucas: Ah...
Lucas: (I will show "that guy" my ability. And then, show him I can surpass him)
Lucas: (For that sake, I don't have time to stop and stand still. I need to write an amazing song...)
Anguish of the Composer in Charge 1 (5)
Lucas: ... The producer had a pained look on her face, didn't she?
Lucas: (Though I misspoke nothing. Those were my true feelings. But...)
Lucas: Perhaps, I said too much...


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