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(Anguish of the Composer in Charge) Lucas SR affection story 6
Lucas: For now, it's taken shape but... It doesn't make sense... Should I do something about the arrangement...? No...
Lucas: I once had Noah sing it and judge it afterwards... No, I don't want the rest of them to see an unfinished, half-hearted piece of work
Lucas: I guess I'll just leave the chorus and remake everything else...
Producer: (... Lucas-kun. He has a pained expression today too)
Producer: (I angered him yesterday. Today, it'd be better if I just left him alone, wouldn't it?)
Producer: Haa... it seems I'm powerless.
Producer: (Being unable to become a source of strength for Lucas when he's troubled...)
(Anguish of the Composer in Charge) Lucas SR affection story 7
Lucas: Huh? ... Producer.
Producer: Ah. I'm probably being a bother again. I'm sorry, I'll be gone soon so...
Lucas: Why are you apologizing?
Producer: Why am I? Well, that's because...
Lucas: The one who was at fault was me.
Producer: Eh?
Lucas: I said I was at fault yesterday. I was slightly frustrated and lashed out at you.
Producer: Lucas-kun...
(Anguish of the Composer in Charge) Lucas SR affection story 8
Lucas: No matter what, I couldn't get the melody I was thinking of to come to mind... I was being impatient, I think.
Producer: Lucas-kun, why do you feel so pressured?
(Anguish of the Composer in Charge) Lucas SR affection story 9
Lucas: Pressured? Is that how I appear to you?
Producer: Yes. When you're writing songs you make it look as if it's very difficult. When it comes to music, shouldn't it be more enjoyable?
Lucas: ... I have someone I want to show off my true ability to. For that sake, I'm doing music.
Lucas: If it looks like I'm struggling, it's probably because I have not yet attained a level where I can get back at him with my ability.
Lucas: And that's why I have to keep aiming higher and higher.
Producer: If your reason for being an idol is only that, then isn't it painful?
Lucas: Painful? I've never thought of it that way.
Producer: But...
(Anguish of the Composer in Charge) Lucas SR affection story 10
Lucas: [Play] I walk my own path! Producer, what about you?
Producer: ... I'm a producer so I'm the supporter of all you guys.
Producer: Therefore, if that's what you desire, I'll take you along until you reach the place you're aiming for.
(Anguish of the Composer in Charge) Lucas SR affection story 11
Lucas: !
Producer: And because of that, I'd like you to believe in me a bit more!


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