Anguish of the Composer in Charge 3 (1)
Lucas: It's finally the day of the recording. ... Was this composition really fine?
Producer: Lucas-kun. You're making a gloomy face again.
Lucas: I'm making this face?
Producer: Yes. You do. Such a face won't make for a good picture, you know?
Producer: Are you still worried about something?
Lucas: About the composition... I'm not saying that I don't have any confidence in it.
Lucas: And the others in the band also liked it.
Anguish of the Composer in Charge 3 (2)
Lucas: While we were matching our sounds, it became a much better song than when I was writing it alone. But--
Lucas: (... is this a composition that can triumph over him?)
Producer: Hey, Lucas-kun. For what reason do you write music?
Lucas: That is in order to surpass a certain guy--
Producer: Is that really the only reason?
Anguish of the Composer in Charge 3 (3)
Lucas: ... What do you mean?
Producer: You compose a song out of nothing and make music together with everyone. And there are people listening to it.
Producer: I think you should know that there is a fun side to it too, Lucas-kun.
Lucas: I'm--
Lucas: ... What was that? That cheerful voice just now.
Producer: ... Actually, we prepared an audience for today's recording as extra.
Lucas: An audience?
Producer: Because the composition you made fits perfectly for a cheering song, we should raise the mood together with a cheering audience, don't you think?
Lucas: Cheering...
Producer: Lucas-kun. You shouldn't forget the essence that became the reason to compose that song.
Lucas: !
Producer: You can hear these cheerful voices right? Everyone who gathered is being excited by your song, you know?
Producer: Your song is able to fire up anybody's hearts. What that kind of thing means? Come with me and feel it throughout your entire body.
Anguish of the Composer in Charge 3 (4)
Lucas: [Play] I don't know your real intentions. However, I think this doesn't sound bad...
Producer: It's fine. Because by the time the recording is over, you will surely understand what I wanted to say.
Lucas: You know things about me even I didn't know until now, Producer.
Producer: That's right. Because I'm your producer who will raise you into a top idol.
Producer: It's a difficult thing to leave behind, but please enjoy your music.
Anguish of the Composer in Charge 3 (5)
Lucas: ... I understand. For now I will forget that guy and just come to enjoy our music.
Lucas: Thank you, Producer.

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