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(Profile Story) Aoi Kakitsubata
Aoi: Hello Teacher. Is it already time to close? I'm sorry but, can you give me some more time?
Just a bit more and I will get better at this swing.
That's right. If you would like won't you have a look and judge my dancing?
I was just thinking about asking for someone's opinion.
Judging from your appearance you are our producer, right? Then will you stay with me a bit longer?
Ahaha, don't be so eager.
I just want people to enjoy my dancing when they look at it. That's why I need your power.
You became my producer exactly because you know that I will be able to make a lot of people smiling, right?
I'm Aoi Kakitsubata, from Tenjyou Tenge.
I will surely entertain you will all the power I have, so pleased to work with you from now on.
Initial R/RR Gentle towards women
Second Batch R/RR Sweet tune
Initial SR/UR You can rely on me
Halloween SR/UR To the beautiful you
Astronomical Observation SR/UR Planetarium of the two of us
Second Batch SR/UR Quiet jealousy
Sports Festival SR/UR Secret special training
Hot Springs SR/UR Monopolizing
Agent SR/UR Heart that believes
Kaitou♥Hunting SR/UR To you, who blooms in the night
Farming SR/UR Show me your everything
Initial LE/GR A good day for a date
New Year LE/GR My aesthetic
Arashi Hanasaku Fuureibou LE/GR Storm-blooming wanderer
1st Anniversary LE/GR I don't want to let go
Taisho Roman LE/GR The strength of thoughts
X'mas 2016 LE/GR Disinterested greed
White Day LE/GR Eat me...?
QA LE/GR Secret Intelligence Assessment​
En banrai YOSAKOI LE/GR Yosakoi of a thousand coming fates
2nd Anniversary LE/GR A dream illuminated by the silver moon
Doctor LE/GR Let me hear the voice of your heart
Valentine's Day 2018 LE/GR Melting Valentine
Birthday LE/GR What you need to have is friends
4th Oshinobi Date LE/GR Staying by your side
3rd Anniversary LE/GR Your smile more than anything