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Who was my first love? Don't you want to know? Heh. Maybe if you tell me yours first... Okay? Play
Seiya Maybe when I mistook Noah as a girl before... It was a momentary love. Play
Kanata I think my first love was when I was five... I won't say who it was, though! Play
Akira Well? At what age did you I think I had it? Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Eh? My first love? Nishishi. I won't tell~! Play
Mutsuki I don't remember... Play
Noah T-that is... I can't say it here. Play
Leon My teacher at school when I was 5! Well, I wasn't taken seriously though... Play
Chaoyang F-first love...!? I-I haven't fallen in love with anyone yet... Play
Rabi I think it was when I was 12? Play
Lucas I haven't fallen in love before. Play
Torahiko I think I was around 7 then? I fell for foreign countries! Play
Kyosuke When I was around 10, I fell for the girl in an anime that I liked! Play
Akio I have never experienced 'first love'... Play
Shiki It's Producer. Play
Hikaru I fell for myself the moment I was born. Play
Raku When was it...? I've forgotten about it. Play
Kokoro Hehe~ It's. A. Se. Cret! Play
Runa As I'm still immature, I've yet to experience first love. Play
Momosuke Eh!? A-actually, I've never fallen in love before... Play
Issei There's no way I can answer it! Play
Futami This is kinda embarrassing~ Are you that curious? Right... It happened 15 years ago... Play
Takamichi T-that sort of thing, why would you be curious about it!? There's no way that I'll tell you! Idiot! Play
Eva Fuh... It happened way too long ago so I've forgotten about it. Play
Mio What's 'love'? Is it delicious? Play
Ban I was attracted to a girl who looked plump just like a hotcake. Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki The homeroom teacher I had when I was in elementary school. Play
Toya During my middle school years, I once loved a senior to whom I was indebted to. Play
Tatsumi When I was in kindergarten I fell in love with an older girl that lived in the neighborhood. Play
Kuro Does it really matter? It's meaningless for you to know. Play
Saku I met her during my puberty... My goddess. Play
Baber Baber has never fallen in love, you know? For Baber his big bro is the only one. Play

Something that recently made you happy? I went to a beauty salon and had my skin rejuvenated. Play
Seiya Maybe when Akira shyly returned my hug the other day~? Play
Kanata When I went shopping together with Seiya and Akira, maybe. Play
Akira When Kanata gave me coffee beans the other day. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Maybe when Akio gave me a glass bead. I definitely won't say it to the person himself, though! Play
Mutsuki Maybe when I got a Sloth-shaped cushion from Futami the NEET~ Play
Noah The other day, Chaoyang was the first to say good morning to me. Play
Leon When I was finally able to play a song that I totally couldn't before! Play
Chaoyang When I received meat dumplings from Lucas! He'd always been so gentle! Play
Rabi Maybe when Chaoyang finally could say what he had in mind. Play
Lucas When I was finally able to play a difficult music score. Play
Torahiko Maybe when Lucas gave me art materials. Play
Kyosuke When I did my best in the fair held the other day![1] Play
Akio When just the other day, I was able to spend the day without seeing anyone. Play
Shiki Maybe when the other day I got a glass bead from Akio? Pretty, isn't it? Play
Hikaru Maybe when my ice sculpture got praised. Play
Raku Perhaps when I received first place in calligraphy. Play
Kokoro I received a cute bracelet from Kanata! Play
Runa It was when Kokoro cried alone. Play
Momosuke Maybe when Issei-san looked at the flowers that Momo raised~? Ehehe~ ♪ Play
Issei Ah, I won big time in pachinko. Play
Futami When I won the limited Nama-chan alarm clock given only to 100 people! Play
Takamichi When I got the thing that I wanted through an auction. Play
Eva When I was seen as a 16 years old. Because I had always been thought as a 15 years old boy! Play
Mio When Producer praised the magic square I made... Hehe~ ♪ Play
Ban When I managed to eat all food in a smorgasbord! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki It's not something recent, but it was when my sister was born. Play
Toya When a cat in the neighborhood gave birth to a kitten. Play
Tatsumi ...The fact that I received a fan letter from a foreign country. Play
Kuro Nothing joyful has happened to me. My grief and hatred just keep increasing! Play
Saku When Producer-chan said my name! Play
Baber When big bro looked at Baber! Play

My favorite movie genre is western love stories. How about you? Play
Seiya Action! It feels nice when things go 'bham!' then 'crash kaboom'! Play
Kanata I like heartwarming ones! Play
Akira I quite like foreign movies. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Horror! It's fun to prank the ones who watch it with me too! Play
Mutsuki Satsuki likes horror, so I like them too. Play
Noah I'm interested in historical drama lately. Japan is very profound, right? Play
Leon Men should be liking action, right?! Play
Chaoyang I think a heartwarming one...? Play
Rabi I quite like Japan's movies about chivalry. Play
Lucas I often watch detective-themed ones. Play
Torahiko I like the ones about animals. It makes me want to go on a journey. Play
Kyosuke I like fantasy movies! Play
Akio Horror... Unconsciously I would end up staring... Play
Shiki I watch ones about pure love often. Girls like it, right? Play
Hikaru I like musicals. I always ended up watching them. Play
Raku I like historical dramas. Play
Kokoro Stories about pure love! They're heart-wrenching~! Play
Runa I like dramas. Play
Momosuke I like romance movies. I like the ones with a happy ending. Play
Issei I like horror and action genre. Play
Futami I like comedies. Play
Takamichi I like mystery movies. Play
Eva Of course it's horror... I especially like the western ones. Play
Mio Horror! I like movies which are full of splatters~! Play
Ban I like action movies! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like movies about chivalry. Play
Toya It's animal documentaries. Play
Tatsumi I like action movies since they're intense. Play
Kuro I like old western movies a lot. Play
Saku I quite like psycho horror movies ♪ Play
Baber I don't like difficult movies so I like anime. Play

Notes Edit

  1. The fair is most likely referring to a doujinshi fair, but whether he did his best in selling his works or buying the works he wanted is uncertain.

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