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Special Phone Call Questions that are unlocked only between a pair of characters. Here you will find the individual questions Aoi does to each character.


Seiya Aido
Aoi It seems you and Tatsumi go to visit temples a lot, but what do you talk about? Play
Seiya Oh, last time we talked about how you're an incredible guy! Play
Akira Mitsurugi
Aoi It seems you're a yoga coach for Hikaru. Could you teach some to me too? Play
Akira I don't mind, but it's not like I'm a coach or anything. Play
Kanata Minato
Aoi It seems you're good at dancing. What do you think about Tenjyou Tenge's choreography? Play
Kanata I think that Tenjyou Tenge's choreography is really supple and cool! Play

Twinkle BellEdit

Satsuki Kururugi
Aoi Satsuki... It took me a while to style my hair... Play
Satsuki Then you can style it again, right? I'm going to throw water at you, Aoi! Play
Mutsuki Kururugi
Aoi I'm an older brother too, so I understand the feeling of having adorable younger siblings very well. Play
Mutsuki Why are little brothers so cute. Makes you want to let them do anything. Play


Aoi Lately I've been interested in horse riding. Play
Noah Really? Horses are good. Should we do it together next time? Play
Aoi You look like a little brother so you're adorable. I wonder if my little brother will become like you too when he grows up. Play
Leon Really?! So you're an older brother. Somehow you look more like an older sister. Play
Li Chaoyang
Aoi So you, Seiya and Tatsumi are good friends? That's an unusual group. Play
Chaoyang Yes... We visit temples together. Tatsumi-san is really kind... Play
Aoi I want to see a genuine ballet. Have you ever seen one, Rabi? Play
Rabi Hmm, I haven't seen one. But my older sister loves them so she usually goes to see them. Play
Aoi You've started to smile more compared to before. It makes me happy too. Play
Lucas Really...? Well, I do indeed feel more fulfilled compared to before. Play


Torahiko Kusakabe
Aoi Drawing is good, but having so many paint stains on your clothes is not beautiful. Play
Torahiko They end up on my clothes before I realize it. Even if I wash my clothes the stains won't go away! Play
Kyosuke Momoi
Aoi I brought some reference data. You should draw mangas by using this pattern. Play
Kyosuke Uwah... The eyelashes are all so splendid and long~... Play
Akio Tobikura
Aoi As thanks for the glass beads, I will give you these utensils for a beautiful face. Try to use them. Play
Akio T- thank you.... This is the same as the ones my sisters have.... Play
Shiki Amabe
Aoi Don't you have any gloves for this? I don't want the clay to get between my nails. Play
Shiki I see, then next time I will prepare special gloves for you. Play
Hikaru Orihara
Aoi Hikaru, your hair is messy and that's unusual. What were you doing? I'll comb it out for you. Play
Hikaru I played demons with Leon's group! It was really enjoyable! Play
Raku Wakaouji
Aoi I'm surprised your cuticles don't hurt with such long hair. Play
Raku It's because I use Hikaru's shampoo. That must be the reason. Play


Kokoro Hanabusa
Aoi Our directions may be different, but we're similar in that we both pursue beauty. Play
Kokoro You might be right. In order to be cute I must never miss out on taking care of myself ♪ Play
Runa Kagurazaka
Aoi You like the occult, right? But there's no way ghosts exist. Play
Runa Oh, is that so? But behind you there's.... No, it's nothing. Fufu. Play
Momosuke Oikawa
Aoi Are those... Irises and Hollyhocks? Play
Momosuke Yes! I tried to grow some! If they bloom beautifully I'll give them to you as present![1] Play


Issei Todoroki
Aoi So you can cook too. Takamichi and Futami were praising your cooking. Play
Issei It's just that they're too bad at it. They even put sugar in the rice porridge. Play
Futami Akabane
Aoi Futami... Is that your bedhair? I'll fix it so come here. Play
Futami Thank you~ I fixed it once, but my naturally curly hair is too strong~ Play
Takamichi Sanzenin
Aoi Your hair is so soft. I've wanted to touch it for a while. Play
Takamichi D- don't touch it so suddenly! Hmph! I choose my shampoo with attention too! Play


Eva Armstrong
Aoi Your skin is so smooth even though you're about to hit your thirties... I have to learn from you. Play
Eva S- stop it with this "near your thirties"! You're piercing my heart with an icy blade! Play
Mio Yamanobe
Aoi I don't believe in black magic, but if there was a magic to rejuvenate you I would gladly use it. Play
Mio My black magic can't be used for positive things, you know~? Play
Ban Jumonji
Aoi You look so delighted when eating, so I get happy that I cooked it. Play
Ban It's because your sweets are delicious! I'm the happiest right now! Play

Tenjyou TengeEdit

Tsubaki Rindo
Aoi Tsubaki ♪ I wish you'd help me a little with carrying the luggage~ Play
Tsubaki Ah, got it. Good grief, can you stop it with being sweet only at times like this. Play
Toya Honoki
Aoi Toya, we two should go out together more often. I like going out with you. Play
Toya That sounds nice! I love going out with you too ♪ Play
Tatsumi Madarao
Aoi Tatsumi, you were sleeping in class again. Are you an idiot? ...Here, the notes. Play
Tatsumi Don't call me an idiot! ...Ah, thank you. You always help me with that so thanks! Play


Kuro Yakaku
Aoi Doesn't it hurt you to talk only about revenge? Play
Kuro If that hate disappears then it would hurt even more.... Play
Saku Uruha
Aoi Stalking isn't beautiful at all. You're a disgrace to all men. Play
Saku Haha! Your sermons are so annoying~ Play
Aoi Is there something you're good at, Baber-kun? Play
Baber Baber... likes singing... and wants people to listen to it a lot... Play


  1. Kakitsubata means Iris, while Aoi means hollyhock, which is probably the reason why Momosuke decides to give them to Aoi.

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