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Producer: Ahh, it’s already so late! I wonder if Kanata-kun’s mad…?
Kanata: La-la-la-la-la-la-la~ ♪
Producer: That’s Kanata-kun’s voice. I’d better hurry…!
Kanata: Ah, Producer-san!
Producer: Haah, haah… I’m sorry, Kanata-kun. I didn’t make it on time…
Kanata: You’re so serious, aren’t you, Producer-san? Wouldn’t you say you’re right on time?
Producer: Getting here on time feel like being late to a producer…
Apple coloured melody 1 (1)
Kanata: Producer-san. Don’t feel so down about it, okay? You can just try harder next time!
Producer: Kanata-kun… Thanks.
Kanata: Ehehe~. But more importantly, what’s up with that outfit? It’s really cute.
Producer: My outfit? …Ahh, you mean this? Actually, I was at an appointment with my stylist up until now.
Producer: And I was just planning to look at some accessories that would match other outfits and bring out their personality on stage, but…
Producer: The stylist really pushed me to buy it, saying that it would look good on me, so I ended up with this dress before I knew it…
Apple coloured melody 1 (2)
Kanata: It sounds like you sure are good friends with the stylist.
Producer: I wouldn’t say that we’re friends, just that I get along a little better with her than the rest of the staff.
Kanata: Since you’re always wearing suits, this is kind of refreshing!
Producer: There’s no need to flatter me, Kanata-kun. I mean, a dress with a floral print like this doesn’t suit me at all, right? And it’s so long that it’s hard for me to move.
Producer: I’m going to go change into my suit, so do you think you can go ahead to the music room, Kanata-kun? I’ll be on my way there soon, too, so–
Kanata: Ah, Producer-san, please wait!
Producer: Eh?
Kanata: Why are you going to change your clothes? You look so cute, after all.
Producer: …Thank you. You’re really such a nice boy, Kanata-kun.
Kanata: But I’m not just flattering you or anything. I really think that you look cute, from the bottom of my heart.
Apple coloured melody 1 (3)
Kanata: Those hibiscuses are so pretty.
Producer: …I feel like they’d suit you better than someone like me. The hibiscuses, I mean. They’re way too cute for me.
Apple coloured melody 1 (4)
Kanata: That isn’t true! They definitely suit you and make you look cute, for sure!
Kanata: If you really doubt that so much, I’ll take a picture and try asking Seiya and everybody else.
Producer: Th- That, that would be kind of, um…!
Kanata: Why not?
Producer: I mean, that would be really embarrassing, wouldn’t it…?
Apple coloured melody 1 (5)
Kanata: …Ehehe. With that red face of yours, Producer-san, you’re eveeen cuter than usual!


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