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"Overflowing with unique artistry! Art is a blast!"
Name ArS
Pronounced as Ars
Music Genre Nostalgic melodies x Lively music
Artist くにみつ (Kunimitsu)
Leader Torahiko Kusakabe
Member Raku Wakaouji
Member Hikaru Orihara
Member Kyosuke Momoi
Member Akio Tobikura
Member Shiki Amabe

ArS is an unit consisting of six members: Torahiko Kusakabe, Raku Wakaouji, Hikaru Orihara, Kyosuke Momoi, Shiki Amabe, and Akio Tobikura. They are the fourth unit to be introduced in the game. They are in third generation.

Misc. Facts Edit

  • ArS is the Latin word for art!

Songs Edit

Te Wo Nobase! Chotto Matte yo Give Me A Break! Very Very Itoshii Hito Star light trip
Here we go We are ICHU! ARS

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