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Producer: (Man… Where on earth did Kusakabe-kun go? As soon as rehearsal was over, it seems that he rushed outside…
Producer: He really just can’t calm down… Or maybe I should say he’s impulsive…
Producer: Well, I suppose that is part of that boy’s charm, though.)
Art is an explosion 1 (1)
Torahiko: Yea—h, it’s done!!
Producer: (Sigh… Looks like he’s over there.)
Producer: I finally found you, Kusakabe-ku—
Art is an explosion 1 (2)
Torahiko: Ah, Producer. Guess you knew that I come here a lot.
Producer: …Ku-Kusakabe-kun? What are you doing?
Torahiko: You can tell just by looking, can’t ya?
Producer: I can see what it is, but I don’t want to know how you could have done this… Or rather, I don’t want to believe that you could have done this…
Torahiko: What’re you saying, Producer? There’s nobody but me who could’ve drawn something so epic and expansive, right?
Producer: Y-yeah, you’re right. As I thought, of course…
Producer: (The wall’s covered in pictures of animals.
Producer: I can’t imagine anyone but Kusakabe-kun painting a picture in a public space, so confidently unconcerned with the consequences.)
Torahiko: Hey hey hey, why’re you so quiet? Ah, maybe you’re just so moved you can’t find the words to describe ‘em?
Art is an explosion 1 (3)
Torahiko: Well, even if you are, I to–tally know how you feel. Because how could something be so fantastic, right?
Producer: I get that it’s amazing, but why here…?
Torahiko: In rehearsal just now, we sang a real love song for the first time in a while, remember? It was just endless inspiration after that.
Torahiko: And when I want to paint, I go all out with my painting! That’s just who I am, as awesome as always!
Producer: How’d you get from a love song to painting animals? …Although, now that I look closely, there are two of each animal. They’re couples, then?
Torahiko: …You know, thousands of years ago, we knew what love was before we could remember the words for it.
Torahiko: Both animals and humans. Birds, cats, everything. They thought, “Woah, this love thing is so huge…”
Producer: (I wonder why just singing a love song made his thoughts jump straight to this. I really don’t understand this kid sometimes.)
Art is an explosion 1 (4)
Torahiko: Heyyy, Producer? Are you even listening to me?
Producer: I’m listening. I was just admiring how much more creative your imagination is than mine.
Torahiko: What do ya mean, “more creative imagination”? Don’t focus on how we’re different like that; just hang around me more and you’ll start to feel it!
Producer: Feel what, exactl– Uwah.
Producer: (All of sudden he’s grabbing my hand, and he’s speaking with a odd voice…!)
Torahiko: Love is also a kind of art. I’ll teach that to you.
Art is an explosion 1 (5)
Torahiko: How 'bout it? And now you want me to teach you, right? Ni-shi-shi!


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