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Producer: (Teach me what? What is this kid saying…?)
Art is an explosion 2 (1)
Torahiko: Producer, I can tell by your face that you didn’t get any of that.
Torahiko: Can I only get girls to understand me if I talk all mushy to them, like Shiki does?
Producer: (Mushy? Teach me…love…?)
Torahiko: Producer?
Producer: !!!!
Torahiko: Ah, you’re finally back.
Producer: Wh-What exactly do you mean by “teach me what love is”!?
Art is an explosion 2 (2)
Torahiko: Haha, the producer I know has finally returned. But now that I’ve seen that side of ya, I can see it’s real cute.
Producer: Don’t just say things like that to embarrass me.
Torahiko: I only say what I think. Producer, you’re cute. When ya show me so many expressions without hiding them, it feels kinda special.
Producer: Th-This conversation ends here. I’m going home soon, so get ready to–
Torahiko: Hm, you can leave me behind, then.
Producer: Eh?
Art is an explosion 2 (3)
Torahiko: I’m not done painting. We don’t really have any more work after this, right? Then I’m gonna paint a bit longer.
Producer: What, you obviously can’t do that! You can’t just draw all over a public wall, after all!
Torahiko: Ehh? Even though the guy who owns the place came up and told me how wonderful it was?
Producer: You’re joking!?
Torahiko: Nah, it’s really true. So, as amazing as I am, I’m going to keep on painting!
Producer: O-Okay. Then I’ll take everyone back to the school one more time.
Torahiko: Cool. Then, good work today, Producer.
Producer: ……
Art is an explosion 2 (4)
Torahiko: Producer, what’s wrong? You not going home after all?
Producer: …I guess I can’t just leave you here by yourself, after all.
Torahiko: Hah… ?
Producer: All of the other kids are level-headed, so I don’t have to worry about them, but I have no idea what you’ll do if left by yourself.
Producer: …So I’ll stay behind with you.
Torahiko: Pfft…Hahahaha!
Producer: Wh-Why are you laughing?
Torahiko: I see. So ya worry about me more than everyone else.
Art is an explosion 2 (5)
Torahiko: You’ve got some good sense to choose me, Producer.
Producer: I-I didn’t exactly choose you…!
Torahiko: Don’t hide it, don’t hide it. You really are cute, aren’t ya. We–ll then, being chosen by you means I’ve gotta live up to your expectations.


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