Art is an explosion 3 (1)
Torahiko: Right now, my wonderful self feels amazingly free!
Torahiko: I have a hunch that I’m gonna draw the most amazing picture from the image I’ve gotten from today!
Torahiko: Right after this show is over, I’m gonna stand in front of the canvas and make all of ya into a work of art, so wait for it with baited breath!
Art is an explosion 3 (2)
Torahiko: Ya waited for me, Producer!!
Producer: Of course! That show was a huge hit with the fans.
Torahiko: That’s all thanks to you–!
Producer: Kya–!
Art is an explosion 3 (3)
Torahiko: Thank you! Producer!
Producer: (He’s hugging me, so his voice is very close. But it seems like he’s trying to tell me some of his personal feelings.)
Producer: I want to thank you, too. That was really such a wonderful performance.
Torahiko: So you thought so too, Producer! So we didn’t just imagine that reaction!
Producer: Fufu, I felt that reaction more than all of you did. This is pretty fast, but let’s decide on the next show right away!
Art is an explosion 3 (4)
Torahiko: Haha! Already focusing on the next gig, huh? That’s what I’d expect of my producer.
Producer: …And, uh, Kusakabe-kun? Don’t you think you’re a bit close?
Torahiko: Ya think? Doesn’t feel any different than usual.
Torahiko: …Well, as if. I do actually get what you’re saying. But I really want to do this today, so just let me get a bit closer.
Producer: "Do this"…?
Producer: What’re you doi–!?
Producer: (Just now, it was only on the tip of my nose, but it was still a kiss…!)
Torahiko: What do you mean, what? It was a kiss.
Producer: That’s not what I’m talking about…!
Torahiko: Hmm… So all of a sudden, you don’t want me doing that to you. I’ll try to remember that.
Producer: You’re awfully upfront today. Are you plotting something…?
Torahiko: "Plotting" makes it sound bad.
Torahiko: All great artists learn from their past works… So I’m going to learn all about your heart, too, got it?
Producer: Wha…!?
Torahiko: And since that’s the case, you’d better make sure to rea–lly prepare yourself, Producer.


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