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As it is 1 (1)
Rabi: Hah... how was my performance just now?
Producer: Good. I think that it was really powerful and good.
Rabi: Seems like you can really say this with confidence.
Producer: But I was surprised.
Rabi: Hm?
Producer: That you're able to do such a violent and fierce performance. I always perceived you as a bit more gentle... or should I say, having a cool image?
As it is 1 (2)
Rabi: That's because this song has a lot of these parts. Since Lucas wrote the song specifically for me.
Producer: Lucas-kun did?
Rabi: Even further, he wanted to compose a song that I can play with everything I've got. When he told me that I was quite shocked.
Rabi: I've never told him about my musical roots. Did he see right through me?, I thought.
Producer: Speaking of which, why did you choose the drums, Rabi-kun?
As it is 1 (3)
Rabi: ... I was taught by a guy I used to hang out with a long time ago.
Producer: (I wonder what that was... For a moment his expression dropped. I wonder if that was something I shouldn't have asked about.)
Rabi: Producer, you're frowning.
Producer: Eh, ah, that's a lie!
Rabi: Sorry, I lied.
Producer: Geez, why would you lie to me like this?
Rabi: You shouldn't care about that. But you can speak up, Producer. You looked like you wanted to ask something, please tell me?
Producer: Is it fine if I ask?
As it is 1 (4)
Rabi: Of course. If it's you, I want to hear it.
Producer: ... Who was the guy you used to hang out with? What kind of music did you listen to?
Rabi: ... I've told you that I was a rebellious person in the past. He was my friend at that time.
As it is 1 (5)
Rabi: That guy was crazy about heavy metal and back then, he gave me the opportunity to start playing the drums.
Rabi: At first I thought it was impossible. I have never touched an instrument in the first place.
Rabi: And besides, the drums were such a huge instrument, I honestly couldn't understand how to make those kind of sounds.
Rabi: But... I think that's the reason why I fell in love with them.

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