As it is 2 (1)
Rabi: In the beginning I wasn't interested in drums and heavy metal at all.
Rabi: But at that time, I wasn't interested in anything at all.
Rabi: Therefore I thought that I just wanted to devote myself to something. That slowly being able to do something that you couldn't before can be fun too.
Rabi: And when I noticed, I was commited to practise more than to anything else.
Producer: Heh... Somehow, that's unexpected.
Rabi: I wonder.
Producer: I can't really describe what's so unexpected about it...
Producer: (Hm, oh? But if that's the case, why is he in a band with Noah-kun and the others?)
Producer: Then how was the band formed? How did you come in contact with Noah and the others?
Producer: Why did you quit the heavy metal that you were so enthusiastic about?
As it is 2 (2)
Rabi: Ahaha, suddenly you're bombarding me with questions, Producer.
Producer: After all, you told me it's fine to ask you, Rabi-kun...
Rabi: But it's a secret.
Producer: Eeh-! Why?
Rabi: Because this is a long story. There'd be no time to practise left, you know?
Rabi: After all it's rare that you can listen to my drums, Producer.
Producer: But...
Producer: (This is definitely something to be curious about, isn't it. He told me a lot up until now, but everything after it is a secret...)
As it is 2 (3)
Rabi: Seems like your eyes tell me you want to hear more. I guess there's nothing I can do...
Producer: Will you continue if I listen to it?
Rabi: Can you answer a question from me then, if you don't mind?
Producer: You want to ask me something? It's fine to ask me anything you want.
Rabi: Why did you choose the profession of a teacher?
Producer: Of course that's because I want to raise I-Chu with my own hands.
Rabi: Is that really it?
Producer: ......
As it is 2 (4)
Rabi: People rarely think "I want to raise something" right from the beginning.
Rabi: So, Producer also...
Producer: Rabi-kun. Everything after that is a secret.
Rabi: Why?
Producer: ... This is also a secret.
Rabi: Alright. I understand. So we'll both have secrets from each other.
Rabi: Well then, since I have not finished playing yet, I look forward to your impressions on my performance.

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