As it is 3 (1)
Rabi: (It's the drum solo from here on out... Alright, when I asked the Producer to look at it, it went well.)
Rabi: (It feels good to put my heart into playing the drums like this after all.)
Rabi: (Producer, please look at this too...)
Rabi: (There is no room to fail. I want to show her my cool side.)
Rabi: (I want to hear today's impressions quickly, Producer.)
Producer: Good work! Rabi-kun! That drum solo was as you would expect. I got goosebumps again.
As it is 3 (2)
Rabi: Ahaha, no matter how I look at it, that's too much praise. But thank you. I'm very happy.
Producer: Which reminds me, the president and I passed each other earlier...
Rabi: Yeah, he left this place just a moment ago.
Producer: What did you talk about?
Rabi: Well, I received praise for my drum performance personally from the president.
Producer: That president did...? How rare.
Rabi: However--
As it is 3 (3)
Rabi: I wonder what kind of person the president is. I don't understand what's on his mind.
Rabi: Producer, do you know what kind of person the president is?
Producer: Well... I'm not an expert... I've never seen what his appearance looks like.
Producer: Ah, but he certainly seems to be French.
Rabi: French, huh... Ah, so like Lucas.
Producer: But his personality is really different. Thanks to these two, I'm not able to form a real impression on how French people are.
Rabi: Ahaha. But these two are really quite different from the stereotypical image of a French person.
Rabi: ... Hey, Producer.
Producer: What is it?
Rabi: About earlier. Do you still remember the talk about our secrets?
Producer: ... I wouldn't forget it this easily.
As it is 3 (4)
Rabi: We may not be able to talk to each other now, but I want you to tell me once you have more trust in me.
Producer: ... Rabi-kun.
Rabi: And vice versa, I think I'll tell you about it, once I'll be able to trust you more. That's why, someday--
Rabi: Please show me the real you. I think I also want to show you the real me someday...
Producer: Yes. I understand. From now on I'll stand next to you as your producer.
Producer: In the future there certainly will be lots of difficulties that we can overcome by trusting each other.
Rabi: Yes. And when we'll trust each other, we'll open up our secrets to each other.
Producer: Well, let's swear it. Someday, definitely. Let's meet our true selves.
Rabi: Definitely... I hope that day will come soon.

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