Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 1 (1)
Kanata: Good morning!
Eva: I was waiting, Crimson Angel!
Kanata: Wawaa! Eva-kun…
Eva: Today will be the day you’ll join us RE:BERSERK as a comrade.
Kanata: Erm… I’ve said this since before, but I want to stay in F∞F?
Eva: ….Fuu. That’s only for now too. You’ll be able to understand how nice it is to be in the darkness once you come over to our side.
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 1 (2)
Eva: Come on, Crimson Angel. Hold the hand I graciously stretched out to you tight! As long as you do so, you’ll be my servant from today onwards!
Seiya: I’ll hold it in place of him, Bloody Master!
Eva: Guwaah!? T-too dazzling…! Your smile is way too dazzling, Star Night!
Seiya: Yay ♪ I was praised by Bloody Master!
Akira: …I’m sure Eva-kun didn’t mean it that way, but nicely done, Seiya.
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 1 (3)
Eva: You… Light attribute…
Seiya: ? Light attribute? I don’t really get it, but I won’t let you go for inviting Kanata!
Akira: You won’t learn, even though you were already rejected, Eva-kun.
Eva: S-shut up! I won’t so easily give up on things once I decide on it!
Kanata: Eva-kun, I’m sorry. But why do you want to invite me over so much?
Eva: T-that’s…
Kanata: Nn? … Could it be that you’re interested in Rabirabi?
Eva: ! You’re mistaken. Your qualities are best fitted for our group, so I’m inviting you!
Eva: I absolutely have no interest in that rabbit!
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 1 (4)
Kanata: I-I understand already so you don’t have to deny it so much~
Akira: Whew… It’s also a nuisance to Kanata, having you invite him like this each morning, so could you please stop already?
Eva: Tsk! Dark Sword’s interference? Dark attributed interference is indeed powerful…
Akira: ...
Eva: E-even if you threaten me with that face I won’t give up! Oh, Crimson Angel! See you again!
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 1 (5)
Eva: Uuu… That was scary…
Mio: Eva-sama~!
Eva: !
  • cough* Mio, huh. What happened?
Mio: I was protecting Eva-sama from the shadows!
Ban: It was no good again for inviting Kanata, huh. Even though it’ll be superrr fun if Kanata joined us~
Mio: I am fine even if Kanata is not around. As long as I have Eva-sama, I’m fine!
Mio: Ah, it’s fine if Ban is not around too- ♪
Ban: How mean~!
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 1 (6)
Eva: Fuu. Both of you are necessary servants to me. There will be no missing of either of you.
Ban: Eva-sama! I will all—ways be next to Eva-sama!
Mio: That’s the same for me too! Eva-sama, let’s be together even until our next lives ♪
Eva: We’re invincible with us three! But… We may need one more person in order to aim for the top.
Eva: Crimson Angel… He fulfills the conditions to be our comrade.
Ban: Hmm. But Kanata is super close to F∞F’s Seiya and Akira, so it’ll be super difficult to invite him-
Mio: Aido Seiya… He shook hands with Eva-sama just now, I will curse him to death someday…!
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 1 (7)
Ban: It’s not good to say such disturbing things~
Mio: Hmph! Putting aside the jokes, it’ll really require a lot of effort to invite Kanata…
Ban: Right. If only we could manipulate him like we can to a puppet, it’ll be simple-. But that’s impossible, right, Mio?
Mio: It’s not impossible, but doing a drug like that will take time… What do you think, Eva-sama?
Eva: A puppet…
Mio: Eva-sama?
Eva: That’s it! As long as I use that method, Crimson Angel will be able to be in my hands!