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Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 3 (1)
Rabirabi: Kanata-kun… Will you go to Eva-sama’s for my sake?
Kanata: Rabirabi...
Kanata: …I’m sorry, Rabirabi. I can’t do that.
Rabirabi: Why not? Is it impossible even if it’s Rabirabi’s request?
Rabirabi: Eva-sama will be verr—y gentle to Kanata-kun though?
Rabirabi: He’ll let you perform on a stage fitted for you, and also produce costumes best fitted for you as well.
Rabirabi: Of course, my costumes too.
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 3 (2)
Kanata: Fufuu. That’s a very tempting invite. But, Rabirabi.
Kanata: I’ve changed a lot since meeting Seiya and Akira-kun. It was only me and Rabirabi, us two in my world then.
Kanata: But now there’s Seiya and Akira-kun, as well as Rabirabi beside me. My world has grown bigger!
Kanata: Hey, Rabirabi. Do you remember? What Seiya said during a live stage…
Rabirabi: Words Star Night said?
Kanata: Seiya said that him, me and Akira-kun… As well as Rabirabi, the 4 of us makes up FooF.
Rabirabi: !
Kanata: That’s why even though Rabirabi being unable to speak makes me lonely, but if we left FooF, don’t you think we’ll be more lonely?
Kanata: Rabirabi feels the same as me, right?
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 3 (3)
Rabirabi: ...
Kanata: Rabirabi? Why are you not replying? Rabirabi.. Rabirabi!
Eva: …I seem to have been mistaken. It was foolish of me to use Rabirabi to change Kanata’s mind.
Sammy: Hoo…
Eva: Sammy… You were quietly protecting me, huh? What Rabirabi is to Kanata is like what Sammy is to me.
Eva: If I knew that Sammy was being used, I’d be resentful. I’m sure it’s the same for Kanata.
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 3 (4)
Eva: Sammy… How should I apologise to Kanata…
Sammy: Hoo!
Eva: Waa!? S-Sammy! Where are you going!
Kanata: Uuu… Rabirabi won’t speak anymore~ I need to borrow Eva-kun’s magical powers!
Kanata: But, I can’t be in Eva-kun’s group… What should I do… What can I do?
Sammy: Hoo!
Kanata: Eh? Sammy? Why are you here?
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 3 (5)
Eva: Sammy, you’re to wait! Wawaa!?
Kanata: E-eva-kun!? You fell loudly, are you okay? Are you injured?
Eva: Kuu… Kanata– No, Crimson Angel…
Kanata: Eva-kun. I’m sorry for doing this after you just fell, but Rabirabi won’t speak anymore!
Kanata: I can’t be with Eva-kun, but please! I want you to lend me magical powers for Rabirabi to be able to speak!
Kanata: I will do anything so long as you’re not asking me to join you, so please! Save Rabirabi!
Eva: …I have something I have to apologise to you for
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 3 (6)
Kanata: Eh?
Rabirabi: Hmm~ Fuwa-! Kanata-kun, I’m sorry for making you worry!
Kanata: ! ~~!!
Kanata: That’s good… Rabirabi can speak again, great!
Eva: ...
Kanata: Eva-kun! Thanks for lending Rabirabi your magical powers!
Rabirabi: Kanata-kun… Actually me being able to speak has nothing to do with Eva-sama’s powers…
Kanata: Eh? What do you mean?
Eva: Oh, Crimson Angel! It was wrong of me! Please forgive me!


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