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Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 4 (1)
Eva: As I said, I used Doll of Madness on Rabirabi, and manipulated his words.
Kanata: Which means, ventriloquism? I didn’t realise at all.
Eva: It’s my secret skill, worthy of praise, that’s why. Using that strong power in order to manipulate you… I’ll apologise… I’m sorry!
Kanata: E-eva-kun! Raise your head! I’m not really angry… Okay?
Eva: …You’re too kind a man, Crimson Angel.
Eva: Kind people do long belong in the dark. You’re living in a different world to begin with.
Kanata: As usual, I don’t really understand Eva-kun’s words, but it means you gave up, right?
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 4 (2)
Kanata: Although this seems to be weird as an act of apology, but could you answer my one question?
Eva: What is it? If it’s something I can do, I will do anything.
Kanata: It’s something I wanted to ask since a long time ago. Why does Eva-kun want me to be your servant?
Eva: My reason for wanting you as my servant? Isn’t that a given?
Eva: It’s so I could activate my Doll of Madness any time!
Eva: It used to be Sammy that was the one who activates it, but Sammy has a mission to pick up any presence of magic.
Sammy: Hoo.
Eva: That’s why, in order to utilise Doll of Madness, I needed a Doll Manipulator servant…
Eva: And, I met you. Crimson Angel! You, indeed, are the Doll Manipulator servant I was looking for!
Kanata: I-is that so… But, I’m not the only one who has a doll?
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 4 (3)
Kanata: Futamin and Momo-chan also own a doll?
Eva: Priest does not have it all the time. And we have no need for a NEET in our group.
Eva: Although Peach was late in joining our school, but I also have considered for him to join us… But.
Eva: …Siren’s magical powers were too strong for me to interfere.
Kanata: That is~ …indeed difficult.
Kanata: But, Eva-kun. Either way, I think I’m not suited to become Eva-kun’s servant.
Eva: Why do you say so? Sammy senses magical powers in you. You’re not unsuited.
Kanata: Nope. It’s that I don’t want to be of a servant relationship with Eva-kun.
Eva: !
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 4 (4)
Eva: …Is that so… You don’t want to be given the same treatment like us demonic beings do…
Eva: There’s no choice. Afterall , the worlds we’re living in is—
Kanata: That’s not it! It’s not that I don’t want to be of a Master-Servant relationship with Eva-kun.
Kanata: I want to become close friends with Eva-kun!
Eva: …Friends?
Kanata: Yup!
Eva: ...
Kanata: Eva-kun? Why are you suddenly quiet?
Eva: No… It’s that it’s been too long since I’ve heard words like wanting to be friends with me…
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 4 (5)
Eva: I-I’m a demonic being!
Kanata: Yeah.
Eva: T-The Emperor of Fresh Blood, Bloody Master!
Kanata: Yeah.
Eva: I’m older than you, at 29— No, 427 years old.
Kanata: Fufuu. Yeah, but still, I want to become friends with Eva-kun.
Eva: ~~!!!!
Kanata: …Is that a no?
Eva: ~~N-!!
Kanata: N?
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou 4 (6)
Eva: …………..Not a no…
Kanata: Ehehe ♪ Take care of me from now on too, Eva-kun!


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