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"Hmm Baber moving too? Working hard? You need Baber?"
Aliases Baber
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 26
Blood Type AB
Birthday December 31st
Height 6'2" or 190 cm
Weight 68 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Alchemist logo
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Grandmother
Eva Armstrong (Brother)
Hobby Handicrafts
Fave Food Anpan
LeastFave Food Milk
• Portrayal•
CV Takumi Yasuaki
Baber Signature
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Baber (バベル Baberu) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, Alchemist, which was the ninth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

He calls himself Baber and doesn't usually talk. He often adds "hmm" to his sentences. He's full of mysteries to the point where even his teammates wonder who he really is. It seems Baber has an interest in RE:BERSERK, but he finds Mio scary.

Personality Edit

Despite being 26 years old (the second oldest I-chu), Baber acts and speaks like a small and innocent child, using short sentences to communicate, as well as referring to himself in third person. He has said that he doesn't like using difficult kanji letters, as they're "not cute". Since young, Baber has been very attached to his older brother, and he is very affectionate when talking about him.

Appearance Edit

Baber is an extremely tall man with a thin frame. He has light gray hair in the style of a bowl cut. Along with that, he has droopy, light blue eyes.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Hmm...... Baber is here. File:Baber Scout.ogg
Idolizing Su-uuper Baber-kun~!
Baber Idolize
Regular Baber is Baber. Do you know me?
Baber Home Reg1
Eva-sama is so cool... But if I say that, DeathChro-kun becomes scary.
Baber Home Reg2
A date with the Producer♪ Eh? Wrong? It's a job?
Baber Home Reg3
Is Saku a pervert? No? He's a stalker?
Baber Home Reg4
Baber's boss is Kuro. Kuro is always frowning....
Baber Home Reg5
GuilClo-kun is always eating a lot...
Baber Home Reg6
Anpan with milk? No doesn't fit...
Baber Home Reg7
Momo-chan? Momo-chan is a boy? No way, no way...that can't be real.
Baber Home Reg8
A~ Aa~ ...Kuro taught me vocal training...
Baber Home Reg9 like a family. It's so nice....I'm envious.
Baber Home Reg10
New Monthly Lines
January Kotatsu... *doze*... Happiness ♪
Baber Home 2Jan1
The mochi became filled with air... Mochi, are you angry? Are you angry?
Baber Home 2Jan2
February Nya... Nya... Nyaa? ...Fufu.
Baber Home 2Feb1
Baber... wants chocolate... Please give me one?
Baber Home 2Feb2
March This cherry blossom cake is delicious. Producer, try it, too... Open your mouth.
Baber Home 2Mar1
Eva-sama and pink cherry blossoms... Cute! It would surely be cute!
Baber Home 2Mar2
April Baber is good at sewing. Baber will make dolls for Eva-sama ♪
Baber Home 2Apr1
Lying to Baber? You wouldn't do such a bad thing, right?
Baber Home 2Apr2
May Eva-sama.... gave me... a koinobori... Fufu....
Baber Home 2May1
DeathChro-kun and GuilClo-kun are bullying me...
Baber Home 2May2
June Mr. Frog... croaking... Baber likes rain.
Baber Home 2Jun1
Splishy, splashy, la la la ♪
Baber Home 2Jun2
July Bright sun. I don't like it... It's hot....
Baber Home 2Jul1
What did you wish for on Tanabata? Baber wished for a new family...
Baber Home 2Jul2
August Swimming in the sea? I wonder if I can reach Ryugu Castle~ File:Baber Home 2Aug1.ogg
Won't you eat shaved ice together with Baber? File:Baber Home 2Aug2.ogg
September Producer, please don't go back to the moon, okay?
Baber Home 2Sep1
Kuro gave me some Tsukimi Dango so I'll split it with you ♪
Baber Home 2Sep2
October Shall we Halloween together?
Baber Home 2Oct1
Saku was taking pictures of Producer's Halloween costume, you know?
Baber Home 2Oct2
November Baber has a great appetite right now. Cook something for Baber.
Baber Home 2Nov1
Baber loves picture books. Lucas-kun seems to love them too, but it's a secret.
Baber Home 2Nov2
December I asked Santa Claus for me to become closer with Kuro and Saku.
Baber Home 2Dec1
Christmas... I yearn for an enjoyable Christmas.
Baber Home 2Dec2
Old Monthly Lines
Start Menu I-Chu! File:Baber Start Menu.ogg
Download Please wait with Baber!
Baber Download
Story What story is a good one? File:Baber Story.ogg
Main Story I'm lost on which one is good...
Which chapter will you choose? File:Baber Main Story2.ogg
Love Story A love story...Will Baber be lovey dovey with Producer? File:Baber Love Story1.ogg
Baber is excited, Baber is looking forward to it. File:Baber Love Story2.ogg
Shop We're going shopping, we're going shopping♪ Baber loves shopping... File:Baber Shop.ogg
Disk Purchase What will you buy? Will you tell Baber....?
Friend Producer's friends. Will you introduce them to Baber? File:Baber Friend.ogg
Other Kuro said that if you're troubled, you should come here.
During Lives
R/RR Start Switching... Switching... File:Baber RRR Start.ogg
Skill The song is nice... File:Baber RRR Skill1.ogg
Haa! File:Baber RRR Skill2.ogg
Activating... File:Baber RRR Skill3.ogg
Clear Fuuh, it ended... File:Baber RRR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain Um... heart throbbing? File:Baber RRR AffectGain.ogg
SR/UR Start Switching~ File:Baber SRUR Start.ogg
Skill Scream! File:Baber SRUR Skill1.ogg
This will decide...! File:Baber SRUR Skill2.ogg
This isn't enough, is it? File:Baber SRUR Skill3.ogg
Clear Today, Baber did his best too. File:Baber SRUR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain Will you praise Baber? File:Baber SRUR AffectGain.ogg
LE/GR Start Baber's courage is ringing... File:Baber LEGR Start.ogg
Skill My song echoes in the heavens. File:Baber LEGR Skill1.ogg
You can be louder than that, right? File:Baber LEGR Skill2.ogg
It's still a long way to go. File:Baber LEGR Skill3.ogg
Clear Eh? It's over? File:Baber LEGR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain My heart is beating... Is this love? File:Baber LEGR AffectGain.ogg
New Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill
LE/GR Skill

Notes Edit

EditAlchemist logo Baber's Cards
R/RR Baber R (Second Batch) Baber R
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LE/GR Baber LE (Agent Scout) Baber LE (New Year 2017 Scout) Baber LE (Doukoku no Babel no tou) Baber LE (2nd Anniversary Scout) Baber LE (Tamayura Scarlet) Baber LE (Hot Springs 2017 Scout) Baber LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Baber LE (Birthday Scout) Baber LE (X'mas 2017 Scout) Baber LE
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