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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Baber
Baber: Hmm...? Who? Why are you looking at Baber?
Did you search for Baber?
He~ Looks like a trouble.
A big sigh. Happiness, will run away. But it's okay.
Baber, will catch the happiness.
Baber is glad if everyone is happy. Happiness warmth~
...By the way, who are you again?
Do you know, about Baber?
Baber don't know about you and it's somewhat unfair.
Baber is Baber. There is Kuro and Saku too, you know?
Hn... I don't really understand but, nice to meet you?
Initial R/RR The rain's voice
Initial SR/UR Heart is so warm
Amusement Park SR/UR The source of sparkling
Initial LE/GR Shining and beautiful
Agent LE/GR A feeling I want to protect
2017 New Year LE/GR Baber's Wish
Doukoku no Babel no tou LE/GR Babel's tower of lamentation

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