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Rara-chan... She is afraid of Baber so she is cute...
Seiya Enju! He's always full of energy!
Kanata Aka-chan often brings Pikki-kun along to talk to Rabirabi and me about clothes!
Akira Adam is interesting because he's really energetic, the complete opposite of my younger sister.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki That guy Nekota is my number one disciple ♪
Mutsuki Sometimes when I sleep outdoors, I really want to have Taichi accompany me~
Noah Though Noel is small, he is very knowledgeable. He's a very good boy.
Leon When I see how cheerful Jimpachi is, I also become cheerful!
Chaoyang Kota and I can both play the piano, so sometimes we play together.....
Rabi Even though Shino is still young, he's firm and reliable. I'll spoil him a bit more.
Lucas Ren and I are similar, we are both stubborn with showing our emotions.
Torahiko That guy Orihiro speaks quite well. He's a funny guy!
Kyosuke Wakashi is always happily reading my manga~
Akio Kunio's name has a rather unlucky feeling to it...... His surname means "immortal river", huh......
Shiki Gakuto will definitely become the second fate-turning master in the future!
Hikaru Ryugu Tatsuomi is small and smart and I want to pat his head!
Raku That kid Hisashi, his habits are like that of a grandpa.
Kokoro The youngest triplet Toshiyuki, I think I look after him the most.
Runa Rikka-kun is brimming with curiosity and he's really lovely.
Momosuke Kota-kun, He's always teasing Momo. But I forgive him because it's cute.
Issei Keji might become a strong guy in the future? He has the courage in him.
Futami Haruto-kun is always trailing behind me for some reason~
Takamichi Well~, that guy Mayumi...... I can see that he yearns to be like me!
Eva That Yukiji guy, I like how he has respect for me. Maybe he has some potential.
Mio That Moegi...... How long do I have to deal with him calling me "Big Sister"?
Ban Kaoru and I often exchange candies!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Yoshitsugu is very sassy, so bullying him is fun!
Toya Michiru-kun is a very good child. I would like to talk with him more.
Tatsumi Mao is really fussy. But he's a nice and caring guy.
Aoi Satoru is a very good boy, he is always cheering me on.
Kuro Ginga. Please be firm. After all, you are my junior who is also good at saving.
Saku Crossdressers are the best! Mimi-chan is energetic and cute~

I want a cool nickname... For example, Milky Way Baber-kun!!
Seiya Of course, Samurai Hero!
Kanata Super Kanatan!..... Is it no good?
Akira Black Panther is probably a bad idea? But it's a nickname that has been used recently.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Call me High-speed Silver! That's my netgame username ♪
Mutsuki I wonder if I should just use the username "Midnight Prince" that Satsuki gave me.
Noah Nickname? I guess in Japan people call me a scion. Something like that?
Leon The cool and handsome British Gentleman, Leon-kun! It's a good one isn't it, isn't it~!
Chaoyang China Boy...... I guess that would be too much, huh......
Rabi Nicknames, huh...... I guess I wouldn't mind being called Silver wolf.
Lucas ......Certainly, there was a incident where Eva called me "Ice Age".
Torahiko Tiger Ki...... No, ignore that!!
Kyosuke The creative warrior of imagination!! Kyaa! That's cool~!!
Akio A nickname...... I guess it is a little exciting...... Hya! I have to come up with one for myself!?
Shiki I was christened as the "Fate turning master" once before drinking.
Hikaru If I'm alone, please call me Ice Prince Venus Hikaru!
Raku I'm often called things such as hermit, or yokai?
Kokoro Hmm...... Princess Heart ♪ Does it suit me?
Runa Lunatic Moon, maybe? ....I feel embarrassed now that I said it.
Momosuke Nickname~ How does Flower Tinker sound? Kokoro-chan approved it~♪
Issei Nickname? Such a thing, I've got lots of them you know!
Futami Nama-chan Master!!! I only want this nickname!
Takamichi What will be my nickname this year? I said hey!? Don't call me Coward Prince!
Eva Bloody Master! It is a name that suits me! Hahahaha!
Mio I have the respectable name "Death Kronos" that was given to me by Eva-sama!
Ban There is the name that I got from Eva-sama, "Guilty Crown"!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki A cool nickname. Well, it's common but how about "The Last Samurai"?
Toya Hmm...... Whi-, White Strawberry...... P-Please forget about it......
Tatsumi Hmm, how about Burning Dragon? Isn't it cool?
Aoi A nickname suitable for me, How about "Beauty of the Blue Rose"?
Kuro The Alchemist of Song. For me there is only this name.
Saku "Producer-chan Bodyguard No. 0001" is mine!

When Baber sends a text message.... Baber...sends... Baber's tower.
Seiya Phoenix-kun's stamp!! It can come back to life many times!
Kanata Recently, I've been addicted to sending the stamp of a Sengoku-era bunny. I've also sent it to Akira-kun~
Akira I guess I like the Sengoku-era bunny. It's grown on me since Kanata and Seiya send it to me a lot.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Shinigami Octopus! It's an octopus with the personality of the grim reaper! Isn't it weird?
Mutsuki Captain Cook. He's a easygoing character who's the captain of the cooking pirates~
Noah I use the stamp of Japan's Seven Lucky Gods. Japan's gods are cute, aren't they?
Leon The "Wanwan Brothers" corgi stamp!!
Chaoyang I like using the meat ball stamp. Meat balls, they're cute, aren't they?
Rabi The Baron Borschtiano stamp. It's a character created with borscht in mind.
Lucas ......The stamp that Tiger Kids drew. It's my favorite.
Torahiko I like the art they used for the Rainbow Buddha stamp!
Kyosuke I really like the the Therapy Dog stamp~. Cuuute~ ♪
Akio Nihilistic Crow's stamp...... It's cool so it's my favorite.
Shiki The pot roast megane-kun character. Kyo-chan showed me how to use it.
Hikaru I reccomend the Positive Peacock stamp!
Raku The Mysteries of Aliens stamp reminds me of Hikaru's high-tension personality.
Kokoro Love Love Heart-chan stamp! Kokoro will put it together with your name!
Runa The peach boys born from peaches. The peach talks too. It looks like Momosuke and it's adorable♪
Momosuke I like the Squirrel and Chestnut set of stamps! It looks like Ricky.
Issei There is the cat stamp that I got from Toya...... But I've never used it......
Futami Nama-chan stamp!!! I have all 5 sets!
Takamichi I use the Personification of Bread stamps! French Bread is highly recommended!
Eva Mio often sends me that Chibi Devil fellow's stamp, so I like it.
Mio Chibi Devil-kun Series' stamp! It's such a cute devil~
Ban Mio says that the Round Belly Boy stamp looks a lot like me!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I don't understand much about technology!
Toya Berry Strawberry-kun's stamp is very cute!
Tatsumi I use Basho Matsuo's stamp, but I don't think anyone really gets it.
Aoi The Fighting Housewives series is interesting. I like it.
Kuro Nihilistic Crow's stamp. It seems that Tobikura Akio also uses it.
Saku I use the Idol Otaku stamp~. I can empathize with a lot of them.

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