Special Phone Call Questions that are unlocked only between a pair of characters. Here you will find the individual questions Baber does to each character.


Seiya Aido
Baber Seiya-kun…… Cool guy…… Samurai Boy…… File:Baber-Seiya Q.ogg
Seiya Eh!? How could that be~ No~ I’m embarrassed! File:Baber-Seiya A.ogg
Akira Mitsurugi
Baber Huh, why is Akira-kun black? File:Baber-Akira Q.ogg
Akira I’m naturally like this. I wonder if my children will inherit it? File:Baber-Akira A.ogg
Kanata Minato
Baber Rabirabi, he’s so cute ♪ Pyonpyonpyon ♪ File:Baber-Kanata Q.ogg
Kanata Ehehe ♪ Thank you for the compliment! Isn’t this great, Rabirabi ♪ File:Baber-Kanata A.ogg

Twinkle BellEdit

Satsuki Kururugi
Baber Satsuki-kun? Mutsuki-kun? They’re spitting images of each other, Itsuki-kun. File:Baber-Satsuki Q.ogg
Satsuki My name is Satsuki! File:Baber-Satsuki A.ogg
Mutsuki Kururugi
Baber Mutsuki-kun is a bro-con? Baber is one too ♪ File:Baber-Mutsuki Q.ogg
Mutsuki It’s a fellow bro-con~ If you’re talking about me, I loooove Satsuki a lot ♪ File:Baber-Mutsuki A.ogg


Baber I want to be pretty like Noah-kun...... File:Baber-Noah Q.ogg
Noah Are you saying I look elegant? I'm happy but also embarrassed. File:Baber-Noah A.ogg
Baber Leon, only your bangs are a different color. File:Baber-Leon Q.ogg
Leon That would be because I highlighted my hair! Cool huh? File:Baber-Leon A.ogg
Baber Chaoyang’s piano playing…… it’s relaxing…… *snore*…… File:Baber-Chaoyang Q.ogg
Chaoyang He’s fallen asleep…… How can I possibly carry you……? File:Baber-Chaoyang A.ogg
Baber Baber is too big….. Rabi-kun, carry me! Up! Up! File:Baber-Rabi Q.ogg
Rabi Woah! Look at you. But usually only small children get to be carried in the air like that. File:Baber-Rabi A.ogg
Baber Lucas-kun...... plays the bass? Baber...... can play the maracas...... File:Baber-Lucas Q.ogg
Lucas Maracas...... I didn't expect this, but you're a cheerful man. File:Baber-Lucas A.ogg


Torahiko Kusakabe
Baber Baber also...... wants to write. File:Baber-Torahiko Q.ogg
Torahiko Well then, let's try drawing together! I will lend you my favorite brush! File:Baber-Torahiko A.ogg
Kyosuke Momoi
Baber Baber, hates kanji...... It's not cute...... File:Baber-Kyosuke Q.ogg
Kyosuke Because the manga are waiting for you to read them, I'm sure you can do it! File:Baber-Kyosuke A.ogg
Akio Tobikura
Baber Akio-kun's glass beads...... Very beautiful...... File:Baber-Akio Q.ogg
Akio Fuhi! T- Thank you...... In appreciation, here is one for you...... Fuhihi! File:Baber-Akio A.ogg
Shiki Amabe
Baber Destiny? Turning? Baber doesn't understand...... File:Baber-Shiki Q.ogg
Shiki Baber-kun, are you interested in picking up girls? I will be your teacher! File:Baber-Shiki A.ogg
Hikaru Orihara
Baber Ice...... sculpture...... not cold? File:Baber-Hikaru Q.ogg
Hikaru This much won't bother me! My body is just right for this because it's hot! File:Baber-Hikaru A.ogg
Raku Wakaouji
Baber Raku-kun wants to be called "Grandpapa"? Or "Grandfather"? File:Baber-Raku Q.ogg
Raku Kukukuku...... I think I'd prefer to be called "big brother" instead, you know? File:Baber-Raku A.ogg


Kokoro Hanabusa
Baber L, O, V, E, Ko. Ko. Ro~...... File:Baber-Kokoro Q.ogg
Kokoro You! Your voice is too soft! Say it again with more energy! File:Baber-Kokoro A.ogg
Runa Kagurazaka
Baber Runa-kun, you're an only child? Aren't you lonely? File:Baber-Runa Q.ogg
Runa I may be an only child, but I have Kokoro and Momo so I don't feel lonely. File:Baber-Runa A.ogg
Momosuke Oikawa
Baber What is Momo-kun going to do with this? File:Baber-Momosuke Q.ogg
Momosuke This is Ricky! It's my important partner that I got from Kokoro-chan! File:Baber-Momosuke A.ogg


Issei Todoroki
Baber Baber...... transforms when singing? File:Baber-Issei Q.ogg
Issei Ask me a real question! Well, I was surprised when I saw your sudden change for the first time. File:Baber-Issei A.ogg
Futami Akabane
Baber What's a NEET? Is Futami-kun a NEET? File:Baber-Futami Q.ogg
Futami I'm an uncle~ not a NEET...... Who has been spreading rumors about me~? File:Baber-Futami A.ogg
Takamichi Sanzenin
Baber Why did coward become cowardly? File:Baber-Takamichi Q.ogg
Takamichi In the first place, I'm not a coward! File:Baber-Takamichi A.ogg


Eva Armstrong
Baber Hmm. Read this. Baber wants to hear. File:Baber-Eva Q.ogg
Eva Huh? Why must I read a fairy tale to one of my opponents! File:Baber-Eva A.ogg
Mio Yamanobe
Baber Will you curse Baber? File:Baber-Mio Q.ogg
Mio Hmph! I might let it slide if you don't approach Eva-sama~ File:Baber-Mio A.ogg
Ban Jumonji
Baber Eva-sama, does he go to sleep together with the owl? File:Baber-Ban Q.ogg
Ban Oh, Sasami? He has his own perch that he sleeps on! File:Baber-Ban A.ogg

Tenjyou TengeEdit

Tsubaki Rindo
Baber Tsubaki-kun's...... antenna...... are able to feel things? File:Baber-Tsubaki Q.ogg
Tsubaki Wrong! These aren't feelers! They're just bangs! File:Baber-Tsubaki A.ogg
Toya Honoki
Baber Toya-kun...... Mom, huggy...... File:Baber-Toya Q.ogg
Toya U-um! You're a bit heavy for me to hug like this~! File:Baber-Toya A.ogg
Tatsumi Madarao
Baber Tatsumi-kun likes temples...... Baber also wants to see...... File:Baber-Tatsumi Q.ogg
Tatsumi Oh! You're interested? I'll take you there now if you want! File:Baber-Tatsumi A.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata
Baber Aoi...... Girls also have it! This name? File:Baber-Aoi Q.ogg
Aoi Men, women, anyone can be given this name. File:Baber-Aoi A.ogg


Kuro Yakaku
Baber Anpan, anpan, delicious, is Kuro also eating it......? File:Baber-Kuro Q.ogg
Kuro Ah, Anpan is tasty and cost efficient. Hm,...... It's delicious. Thank you. File:Baber-Kuro A.ogg
Saku Uruha
Baber Wow, Saku's camera, so bright and shiny....... Bright...... File:Baber-Saku Q.ogg
Saku Well, you can't press the shutter when the lens is facing you. Your eyes, are they okay? File:Baber-Saku A.ogg

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