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Bad Boy! Bad Day! 1 (1)
Rabi: Excuse me.
Producer: Ah, Rabi-kun! I was waiting for you.
Rabi: Is something the matter? If you called me here... don't tell me Leon is guilty of something again...?
Producer: Ahaha, I wouldn't call you for something like that, Rabi-kun. If I want to talk to Leon-kun, I'd talk to him directly. It's not about that at all!
Producer: Here, take this.
Rabi: A script?
Producer: Congratulations, Rabi-kun. A job for a school drama came for you.
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 1 (2)
Rabi: Eh!? For me!?
Producer: That's right! Because they really want you to do it, Rabi-kun. On top of that, it's the leading role!
Rabi: I can't believe that I'm getting such a job...
Producer: Your hard work is finally showing results. I've took care of you properly. Since there is still some time until the filming begins, please read the script thoroughly.
Rabi: ... Thank you, Producer. I'll keep at it!
Producer: Fufu... I'm glad it went well. I'll have to keep at it until the filming too!
A few days later--
Producer: Rabi-kun suddenly wanted to discuss something with me. I received a mail, but I wonder what happened...
Producer: (It will most likely be just some chatting about the drama I think...)
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 1 (3)
Rabi: Producer...
Producer: ... What's wrong, Rabi-kun? Your expression is somewhat gloomy...?
Rabi: I read the script. Again and again.
Rabi: This drama is not just a school drama. The main character is a delinquent high school student in this...
Producer: Yes, that's right.
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 1 (4)
Rabi: ... They wanted me to take this job, do I have this kind of image to the public?
Producer: Rabi-kun...
Rabi: Such as... hurting others, just snapping at them, being a violent guy. Is this how I look like?
Rabi: This job... I don't want to do it. But I guess I can't refuse now...?
Producer: (Talking about refusing a main role......)
Producer: (I can't allow such a thing... but... I can't force him to do take this job...)
Producer: (What should I do... I don't know what words will make him feel better...)
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 1 (5)
Rabi: ... I know it's not easily possible. I'm sorry for being so selfish, Producer.
Rabi: ... I'm sorry for troubling you.
Producer: (Aah... this expression again.)
Producer: Don't make that face.
Producer: Can you tell me your reason why I should take responsibility for it...?

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