Bad Boy! Bad Day! 2 (1)
Rabi: ... I think I've told you this before, Producer, but I had a rough phase in my life.
Rabi: I seperated myself from others, at that time I saw everything around me as my enemy. I don't want to look back.
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 2 (2)
Rabi: But I'm different from back then. I got over everything and became my current self.
Rabi: I do not want to talk about or anyone to know about my rough phase...
Rabi: Despite that, such a job got offered to me and I feel like nothing about me has changed since then.
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 2 (3)
Rabi: ... It scares me. If I haven't changed from back then, I'm, I'm--
Producer: Rabi-kun...
Rabi: ... It's just like before.
Rabi: [Play] In my fan letters I got a question about my past...
Rabi: It said "Are the rumors about you being quite mischievous in your past true?"
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 2 (4)
Rabi: I... wanted to change, but in reality--
Producer: You did.
Rabi: ...?
Producer: When you told me that you had such a past I was really surprised.
Producer: Because when I'm looking at you right now, I can't imagine that at all.
Producer: The Rabi-kun I know is kind, very caring, a hard worker, has a strong heart, is reliable...
Producer: And because you're like that, I think this job got offered to you this time.
Producer: They looked for a person with a strong outward appearance. And with me being serious about it, that's what led you to this job.
Producer: And maybe this role got offerd to you, because it's scary and violent. But have you read the whole script?
Producer: This boy would never raise his hand against weak people. Instead he fights in order to protect.
Producer: He fights for his friends, a kind boy who cries and gets angry for his friends. I think this boy and Rabi-kun overlap each other.
Rabi: Producer...
Producer: You regret your past. But because of this past you're here now.
Producer: And because you had such a past, you were able to meet people, create bonds between them and grasp your dreams.
Producer: I think... You'd be more happy if you had more confidence in your past.
Producer: Because of the pain and the wounds you suffered from that time, you are here as a member of I♥B now.
Producer: If that wasn't the case, then I wouldn't have come across you...
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 2 (5)
Rabi: ... I would like to believe you, Producer.
Producer: ... You don't believe me?
Rabi: I believe. More than anyone and anything. Because of your support I'm me now.
Rabi: ... I want to believe you. I'm believing in you.

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