Producer: Today's finally the day of the filming. I hope you were able to prepare your heart.
Rabi: I suppose I more or less did... It's hard to believe, but my heart's been pounding for a while now.
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 3 (1)
Rabi: Even before a Live I was never this tense.
Producer: This is the first time you're challenging this. Enjoy this tension you have now.
Rabi: I really can't afford to enjoy this...
Rabi: Haah... However, why must the very first thing we're filming be such an awful delinquent-like scene...
Producer: You do it after this, because it's common sense that you don't want to wait to film such a scene.
Producer: Fufu, I expect a lot from high school delinquent Rabi-kun.
Rabi: ... I hope I can fulfil your expectations properly.
Producer: It'll be fine if it's you, Rabi-kun.
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 3 (2)
Rabi: I hope I won't betray your faith in me, Producer. ... I'll do the best I can.
Producer: ... By the way, Rabi-kun. I want to ask you something--
Rabi: What is it?
Producer: What kind of rough time did you go through, Rabi-kun?
Rabi: ... Do you want to hear it?
Producer: If you want to talk about it.
Rabi: No...... I'm sorry.
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 3 (3)
Rabi: [Play] I don't want to answer it... It's not a good memory to recall...
Producer: ...... I see. Sorry for asking something so personal.
Rabi: You don't need to apologize. I'm not ready to talk about it now... But it'd be nice if I'll be able to tell it to you someday, Producer.
Rabi: Because I want you to get me know better.
Rabi: I've decided that when I'm able to talk about that time with a smile that my heart is prepared and I want you to be the first person to listen to it.
Rabi: ... But right now this is not the case.
Producer: ... I can't do anything about it. I'll look forward for that day to arrive.
Rabi: Yes!
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 3 (4)
Rabi: Are you alright?
Student: Yes, I'm alright...!
Delinquent A: Hey you! You damned transfer student, are you trying to pick a fight with "Sato Yuugu", who dominates this school!?
Delinquent B: You're still planning to go take the top of this school!?
Rabi: Kukuku
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 3 (5)
Rabi: [Play] And what can you do about it?
*mutter mutter*...
Rabi: You're using your strength to scare weak guys? This isn't what I call real strength.
Rabi: Real strength is used in order to protect the weak. That's why I'm saying your whole gang is full of the worst of cowards.
Delinquent B: Damn! You're going to regret in hell picking a fight with us! Guys, get this bastard---!!
Delinquents: Uwoooooooooh!!!
Rabi: Come at me. I'm going to send all of you to hell together. The ones who're going to regret it in hell are you guys.
Rabi: And then I'm going to take the top of this school!
Director: And cut! It's OK! Rabi-kun, that was amazing! It was good to offer the leading part to you after all!
Bad Boy! Bad Day! 3 (6)
Rabi: ! Thank you very much!
Producer: Look like he's made up his mind. ... I'm glad.
Producer: (A delinquent of justice who brings down bad guys that oppress weak people. I knew this role would suit Rabi-kun perfectly.)
Producer: (And right now... he was very cool.)

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