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Guilty Clown
Giruti Kuraun
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"I'm hungry ~ Master, can I eat something?"
Aliases Ban
Guilty Clown
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 15
Blood Type O
Birthday July 8th
Height 5'5" or 165 cm
Weight 50 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit RE-Berserk
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Shigezo Jumonji (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Hobby Eating
Fave Food Fried Chicken
LeastFave Food None
• Portrayal•
CV Yoshiyuki Shimozuma
Ban Jumonji Signature
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Guilty Clown (ギルティクラウン Giruti Kuraun) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. His real name is Ban Jumonji (十文字蛮 Jumonji Ban). He is a part of the Idol Unit, RE:BERSERK, which was the seventh to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

Eva Armstrong's obedient servant. He was sort of baited into becoming his servant, but it's fun so he doesn't mind. Being raised in a rich household, he's developed a rather warped sense of using money. He met Eva Armstrong and Mio Yamanobe through his parents' work, as they managed the two through child services. Because of this, the three have been together like a family since childhood.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I ham Gufithty Frawn! (I am Guilty Clown) Fuhaa~ My stomach is full! I love cooked rice!
  • How did you become an idol?
    • Master and Mio said they were doing it, and it looked kinda interesting, so I thought why not? I would love it if you let me do food reportage~♪
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • It's amazing how Master hasn't grown up at all since the past! For some reason Mio always makes me stand inside magic circles~

Personality Edit

Ban is a very bright young boy who's almost always smiling. Whether it's due to his extremely energetic personality taking up a lot of energy or not, Ban almost always appears to be hungry and the subject of food is constantly on his mind. He is somewhat aware, but overall is pretty oblivious to Mio Yamanobe's strong dislike towards him for interfering with his one-on-one time with Eva Armstrong. In addition, Ban is the type who gets really pumped when he is given attention. During practices and up on the stage he gets excited when he has someone watching him and similarly gets demotivated when he doesn't. Like Mio, Ban is also very "loyal" to their master, keeping up with the chuunibyou's schemes and overall is a cheerful, hard-working presence in his group.

Appearance Edit

Ban is a tall young boy with messy short brown-orange hair. He has light blue eyes and is often smiling. He tends to possess food with him.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Thanks for the food!
Time to eat!
Ban Scout

Ban Scout2
Idolizing I've grown up a bit!
Ban Idolize
Regular RE:BERSERK! We'll be a group whose name will get recorded in history!
Ban Home Reg1
I'm Guilty Clown! A cool name, isn't it? I quite like it!
Ban Home Reg2
Be it a girl or a boy, one needs to eat properly during meal time!
Ban Home Reg3
I'm a clown. You should be careful so you won't be fooled by me.
Ban Home Reg4
Speed-eating is my forte! Producer-san, do you want to try having a match against me?
Ban Home Reg5
Eva-sama is an ideal master. You should learn from Eva-sama too.
Ban Home Reg6
Even if Eva-sama is evil, I'm fine as long as I get to have fun!
Ban Home Reg7
The other day, I barely escaped from becoming one of Mio's black magic ingredients...
Ban Home Reg8
Mio, let's have you stop calling me trash. Even I get hurt by it...
Ban Home Reg9
Mio is always so cold toward me. I wonder why?
Ban Home Reg10
Does Chris like Manjuu? Then we can eat together! File:Ban Home Reg11.ogg
An event is goin' on! Master and Mio already went ahead!
Ban Home Event1
Good job with the event! I could do the best performance ever, thank you.
Ban Home Event2
Morning~! Wake up! If you drink milk, your head will clear up too! File:Ban Home Morning.ogg
I'm starving... What are you doing for lunch today? File:Ban Home Afternoon.ogg
You worked hard today too! Go home quickly and make dinner! File:Ban Home Evening.ogg
I was only checking on the refrigerator a l-little! Go to bed already~ File:Ban Home Night.ogg
March I tried to steal and eat the sweets that Kokoro made, but he got angry at me like a demon...
Ban Home 3Mar1
Looking at the cherry flowers made me want to eat cherry Manjuu! As they say, Dangos over flowers!
Ban Home 3Mar2
We're doin' a chirashi sushi party at my house to celebrate Hina matsuri! Please do come!
Ban Home 3Mar3
Are you giving me this extra large chocolate?! Thank you so so much~!!
Ban Home 3Mar4
Here's my return gift! They're extra large cookies, but they're super delicious!
Ban Home 3Mar5
April M- Mio, don't get angry... Hey, don't throw that pot!
Ban Home 3Apr1
It's so warm~! On days like this, I feel like walkin' while eatin'~
Ban Home 3Apr2
We're absolutely not chuunibyous! We're super diligent honor students!
Ban Home 3Apr3
May It seems we're going to a picnic to increase our magical powers!
Ban Home 3May1
It's the season for Kashiwamochi! Toya gave me some!
Ban Home 3May2
There's one more Kashiwamochi? Lucky! Gnom gnom... Shoot, this is Mio's... File:Ban Home 3May3.ogg
June Wouldn't it be great if rain tasted like cola? Now I'm hungry~ File:Ban Home 3Jun1.ogg
Mio~! Let's give our presents at the same time~! Eva-sama would be happier that way! File:Ban Home 3Jun2.ogg
July Mio made shaved ice for me, it was way too good! Seconds please! File:Ban Home 3Jul1.ogg
Festivals are exciting! To begin with it I'm going for yakisoba! File:Ban Home 3Jul2.ogg
You eat Soumen during Tanabata! I wanna try Nagashi Soumen! File:Ban Home 3Jul3.ogg
August Runa's bullet hurts a bunch! I gotta run away! File:Ban Home 3Aug1.ogg
After sweatin' so much, ya gotta rehydrate! If it's okay with you, would you like to have some of my drink? File:Ban Home 3Aug2.ogg
September Sniff sniff. I can smell tsukimi dangos from the kitchen...! File:Ban Home 3Sep1.ogg
I'll share my fried chicken with you, Producer! Here you go! File:Ban Home 3Sep2.ogg
October Looking at the red leaves makes me want to eat some Jjigae. Wanna join me tonight? File:Ban Home 3Oct1.ogg
My appetite is unstoppable all year long! File:Ban Home 3Oct2.ogg
The long-awaited Halloween is finally here! Time to stuff myself with sweets! File:Ban Home 3Oct3.ogg
November Pff, these pitfalls aren't scary at all compared to Mio's magic circles. File:Ban Home 3Nov1.ogg
When Mio is reading a strange book with a creepy grin on his face you have to slowly walk away! File:Ban Home 3Nov2.ogg
December Wish there were a system where you could eat as much chicken and cake as you want during December. File:Ban Home 3Dec1.ogg
Make sure not to fall when walking on the snow! But even if you do I'll carry you on my back! File:Ban Home 3Dec2.ogg
Start Menu I-Chu!
Ban Start Menu
Download Waiting intently... makes you feel hungry, doesn't it?
Ban Download
Story Seems you can read your favorite story!
Ban Story
Main Story Which chapter will it be?
Let's have my recommendation!
Ban Main Story2
Love Story It's love story! Love!
Ban Love Story1
Rather, I'm feeling hungry...
Ban Love Story2
Shop 'elcome~!
Ban Shop
Disk Purchase Is there any food here~?
Friend You can look at friend's info!
Ban Friend
Other If you have any trouble, then come here!
During Lives
1st Skill Lines
R/RR Start An after meal workout, huh?
Ban RRR Start
Skill For Master's sake!
Ban RRR Skill1
I'll show you!
Ban RRR Skill2
It's becoming more fun!
Ban RRR Skill3
Clear That was a nice workout!
Ban RRR Clear
Affection Gain I'm motivated now!
Ban RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Let's get started!
Ban SRUR Start
Skill Ahaha! This feels nice!
Ban SRUR Skill1
Can you keep up?
Ban SRUR Skill2
Hey, come on!
Ban SRUR Skill3
Clear It's something like this, right?
Ban SRUR Clear
Affection Gain I want to get along better with you!
Ban SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start I need to work for what I eat.
Ban LEGR Start
Skill I'll make you engrossed!
Ban LEGR Skill1
I'll hog everyone's attention!
Ban LEGR Skill2
I'll decide it right now!
Ban LEGR Skill3
Clear I'm hungry after moving around...
Ban LEGR Clear
Affection Gain I'm so excited I feel full.
Ban LEGR AffectGain
2nd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill I'll borrow the second servings!
Ban SRUR2 Skill1
I can still eat!
Ban SRUR2 Skill2
I'm starting to have fun!
Ban SRUR2 Skill3
LE/GR Skill I want you to throw food! Munch!
Ban LEGR2 Skill1
Watch my street performance carefully!
Ban LEGR2 Skill2
Mio's and my support is invincible!
Ban LEGR2 Skill3
3rd Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill Ban Ban Baaan!
Ban SRUR3 Skill1
Mio started his black magic!
Ban SRUR3 Skill2
Is the main dish not here yet?
Ban SRUR3 Skill3
LE/GR Skill Be cautious with the monsters lurking in the dark night.
Ban LEGR3 Skill1
Juggling is my specialty!
Ban LEGR3 Skill2
Let's go with second servings!
Ban LEGR3 Skill3
Old Homepage lines
2nd Monthly Lines
January The New Year dishes go from ozoni to kagami mochi! New Year is filled with delicious things!
Ban Home 2Jan1
Happy New Year! What should my first meal be?
Ban Home 2Jan2
February M-Mio?! Is that really chocolate?! The color is so scary?!
Ban Home 2Feb1
15 beans won't be enough to fill my stomach!!
Ban Home 2Feb2
March Flowers are beautiful, but I prefer dangos since they're delicious!
Ban Home 2Mar1
Spring, huh~ It's warm, so once you fill up your stomach you get sleepy... Zzz.
Ban Home 2Mar2
April I love Master and Mio, so I can't lie to them!
Ban Home 2Apr1
Juggling easter eggs is a piece of cake!
Ban Home 2Apr2
May When I was a kid I would put on the kabuto and act like a samurai, but I got super scolded for that...
Ban Home 2May1
Another serving of kashiwa mochi! Gnom gnom gnom.... Delicious~!!
Ban Home 2May2
June When I practiced my street performance inside my room because of the rain, Mio got angry at me....
Ban Home 2Jun1
Rain, huh? If only the rain had a taste too...
Ban Home 2Jun2
July It's my birthday month! I want to eat a lot of delicious stuff!
Ban Home 2Jul1
If I can't decide on what syrup to put on the shaved ice I just use everything! What do you think?
Ban Home 2Jul2
August Mio! I'm telling you to stop telling scary stories!
Ban Home 2Aug1
I want to be an admirable idol just like fireworks coloring the sky!
Ban Home 2Aug2
September The moon is a perfect circle and looks delicious!
Ban Home 2Sep1
I heard that Aoi is preparin' Tsukimi Dangos. Time to infiltrate the kitchen~!!
Ban Home 2Sep2
October Are you makin' a Jack o' Lantern? Then I'll take the insides!
Ban Home 2Oct1
In sports festivals, I was good at the obstacle course!
Ban Home 2Oct2
November Mio is readin' a book about black magic... It's better to not get close to him right now!
Ban Home 2Nov1
A car selling roasted sweet potatoes is comin' here! Mister! I want some!
Ban Home 2Nov2
December Santa Claus won't come if I'm awake so I'm gonna go to sleep!
Ban Home 2Dec1
If I eat chicken, Sasami pokes my head with its beak.
Ban Home 2Dec2
1st Monthly Lines
January We're having a snowball fight! H-hey, Mio! Don't use anything else besides snow!
Ban Home Jan1
Happy New Year! Let's make our name resound in the whole world this year too!
Ban Home Jan2
February Hm? Chocolate? That's nice! Very thoughtful of you♪
Ban Home Feb1
I won't forgive people that throw beans at Eva-sama!
Ban Home Feb2
March Cherry flowers are pretty, aren't they? I want to bloom like them too.
Ban Home Mar1
This is a return gift from me! Don't worry, unlike Mio I didn't put anything strange in it.
Ban Home Mar2
April I don't know what Mio might do to me if I played a prank on him...
Ban Home Apr1
 Mio, you stupid idiot! Gyaaaah! It's a joke! I'm joking!
Ban Home Apr2
May I love Kashiwamochi a lot♪ But earlier I got some of it stuck in my throat...
Ban Home May1
When you talk about May then the Koinobori's come to mind. Dad always bought a lot when I was young.
Ban Home May2
June It's the season of changes! Sometimes you gotta do the cleanin' by yourself♪
Ban Home Jun1-16
Hmm, what's the most delicious thing of June? Do ya have any suggestion?
Ban Home Jun2-16
July Dad would always light up fireworks for me on my birthday!
Ban Home Jul1
Summer Festival♪ What should I eat first~
Ban Home Jul2
August Eva-sama! Let's go to the beach hut over there! Let's have a meal before swimming.
Ban Home Aug1
It's hot~ But, when it's hot, it makes you feel like eating spicy foods, right? ♪
Ban Home Aug2
September Summer has ended, huh. I feel sad, but summer will come again ♪
Ban Home Sep1
Watching the moonlight is fine, but I prefer dango over the moon ♪
Ban Home Sep2
October It'll be the season where matsutake mushrooms get delicious soon! Let's harvest them together!
Ban Home Oct1
Trick or treat! Can I prank you~?
Ban Home Oct2
November It's gradually getting colder. Be careful of catching a cold!
Ban Home Nov1
Speaking of autumn, there's the autumn appetite, right? Let's eat many things until the end of autumn together!
Ban Home Nov2
December As I'd thought, fried chicken is fundamental for Christmas!
Ban Home Dec1
Thanks for this year. I could have a fun year thanks to you.
Ban Home Dec2

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