Profile Story
(Profile Story) Ban Jumonji

Ah, I'm so hungry. It's finally lunch break! I'm digging in!
Munch munch... yeah, today's food is good too!
Huh? What is it teacher? Could it be you're here for my food?
Even if you're the teacher, this is the one thing I can't give you.
You have a report for me? What's wrong, you're being all formal.
You're going to be our, Re:Berserk's producer? Are you serious?!
I've, always been thinking it'd be nice if it were like that! Yeah! I need to report to Maser as soon as possible!
That's right, you should come along too! Master will be super happy as well! I said it so there's definitely no mistake!
Aim for, world domination!! Just kidding. If it's with you, I can work hard to aim to be an invincible idol!

Initial R/RR Hungry Servant
Second Batch R/RR An unknown number of paths
Initial SR/UR All you can do is train hard!
X'Mas SR/UR Meat! Cake! Party!
Astronomical Observation SR/UR I love you an entire light year
Taisho Roman SR/UR Having a meal before the fight
Sports Festival SR/UR Bread bread paradise!
Hot Springs 2017 SR/UR Hot springs and folklore
Gothic SR/UR Aspiring to protect
Initial LE/GR Thanks for the feast ♪
Dokeshi no rondo LE/GR Rondo of a clown
June Bride LE/GR The ideal married life
1st Anniversary LE/GR Overflowing smile
Halloween 2016 LE/GR A requested compensation
Sanshoku Koufukuron LE/GR The theory of the three meals of happiness
Snowy Day LE/GR Soft Winter Day
Cyber LE/GR Piled up pulsation
Yaseiji LE/GR With everyone, even if alone
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Flash idea!
Shakunetsu no Heat&Attack LE/GR Blazing hot Heat&Attack
A3! Collaboration LE/GR Ban's older brother?!
I-Chu Awards 2017 Mini album GR 2nd Lucky Boy
New Year 2018 LE/GR To the treasure!
3rd Oshinobi Date LE/GR Invited by a Sweet Smell
BAD BOY! BAD DAY! LE/GR Strength to protect those dear to me