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Speaking of amusement parks, their restaurants are great, right? What do you like?
Seiya Rollercoasters! I can't get enough of the thrill it gives~
Kanata Ferris wheel! I can sww very far~!
Akira I think I like haunted houses. It's fun to go there with Seiya.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki The rollercoasters! It's funny when I ride them together with Akio.
Mutsuki Maybe the ferris wheel... It's fine if I fall asleep in there.
Noah The ones that makes us scream are fun. I often ride them with Seiya.
Leon The one where we're dropped from great heights! They're really fun!
Chaoyang The tea cups. It feels nice to go around slowly.
Rabi Hmm... I don't think I'll go. (?)
Lucas Nothing comes into my mind.
Torahiko The one where we're instantly dropped from a great height is fun!
Kyosuke I like the Dinosaur World where we get to ride in a boat as we travel through it!
Akio Haunted houses... It kind of suits my mood and feels nice.
Shiki I like the parades more than the attractions, I think.
Hikaru The mirror house! Because I can gaze at myself from every direction.
Raku I like walking around the park more than I like the attractions.
Kokoro I like the ones that make us scream~
Runa I like haunted houses! Won't you enter it with me?
Momosuke I like the one that spins around and goes fwoom! The name is... I forgot ♪
Issei Haunted houses. They're not scary at all, but I like to check what kind of stuff they have.
Futami Looking at the costumed people is the most fun.
Takamichi Ferris wheel. I definitely am not going to ride rollercoasters!
Eva I have interest in childishly playing in amusement parks... N-not, of course!
Mio I want to go round and round with Master on the merry-go-round~!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Rollercoasters.
Toya Merry-go-round is unexpectedly fun ♪
Tatsumi It feels good to go on the water rides in summer!
Aoi I enjoy things like evening parades.
Kuro Amusement parks take a lot of money so I don't want to go there.
Saku I like the zombie mansions and the such.
Baber I like the merry-go-round. I would like to ride it forever.

What kinda games do you like? For me, I love rhythm games!
Seiya Fighting games! I play them a lot in arcades~!
Kanata The UFO catcher! Eh, that's not a game?
Akira Maybe something like gun shooting? I had a battle with Waka just the other day.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Rhythm games! They have a lot of fun songs to play.
Mutsuki I don't really play games.
Noah Right. I like billiard and the likes. How about playing a game with me next time?
Leon King's game! I'm good at making it lively!
Chaoyang I'm good at Othello. I won against Ban-san before!
Rabi If it's poker then I'm good at it. How about having a match next time, Ban?
Lucas I don't play games so I wouldn't know.
Torahiko The ones where we bring up animals, maybe~ They're very realistic!
Kyosuke I like RPG games.
Akio Horror games, maybe... A game where we run around is fun...
Shiki I think I'm good at shogi. It's fun since I get to make Sanzenin-kun all upset~
Hikaru I like chess. The shape of those pieces are beautiful, after all.
Raku I like Go.
Kokoro Playing cards, I guess~
Runa As I'd thought, I like the ones that use shooting as its main system.
Momosuke I'm good at hanafuda!
Issei I play poker a lot. So, what are we betting?
Futami Tetris.
Takamichi Chess. I promised Noah that we'll have a match next time.
Eva Mahjong... No! I'm good at chess!
Mio I like playing shiritori with Master where we're only using demon world's terminologies!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Hanafuda.
Toya Hyakunin isshu.
Tatsumi I like shooting games.
Aoi I don't really play games.
Kuro Saku is into application games, but I'm not really into games...
Saku I like horror games that show humanity's madness.
Baber Uno.... Sometimes I play it with Kuro and Saku... Only sometimes though.

What kind of thing done to you will make you happy? Me? I like it when someone gives me food!
Seiya I'm quite happy if I gett hugged in return!
Kanata It's kind of embarrassing to get hugged, but it makes me happy!
Akira Maybe if someone brews me coffee. Everyone makes different flavors, after all.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Surprises! Please give me one next time!
Mutsuki Sleeping on someone else's lap, maybe. Won't you do it for me, Sensei?
Noah I will be happy if I can enjoy tea time together with someone else.
Leon Dates! Only with girls, though!
Chaoyang I like having my head patted. Rabi-san often does it to me.
Rabi I'll be happy as long as it's done for my sake.
Lucas It makes me happy when people decide to play their instruments with me.
Torahiko Maybe if someone cooked for me. Without any vegetables!
Kyosuke I might die happily if I got help with working on my manuscripts!
Akio If I can be left alone...
Shiki I'll be happy if I get to hold another's hand. Limited to girls only ♪
Hikaru I'll be really happy if I get complimented.
Raku It makes me happy to do calligraphy together, you know?
Kokoro I'm happy enough that everyone is here! Chu!
Runa I'll be happy if I receive a smile.
Momosuke My heart clenches when someone pats my head ♪
Issei ... Something that I can't say here. ... Just kidding.
Futami I want to be hugged and patted by a beautiful big sister!
Takamichi The massage Futami gave me. I gave him a branded chocolate as a reward.
Eva I'll feel happy too if someone compliments Sammy.
Mio When Master pats my head. But lately I also like it when Producer do it.
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki When there are women that oppose me, I get so happy I end up teasing them...
Toya I'll feel happy if one says that I look manly.
Tatsumi It'll make me happy if I get comforted when I feel sad...
Aoi I'd be very happy if someone praised me.
Kuro I like it when I get money from my job.
Saku It would make me happy if you let me stay alone with Producer-chan.
Baber When I listen to my big brother talking.

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