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Producer: (Eva-kun suddenly asked that I “come on this day in appropriate dress to the location I’ve specified”… I wonder why?
Producer: He must have meant in a costume, surely. I wonder if what I’ve got on will be good enough…
Producer: Somehow, seeing the quality of the costumes everyone else on the street has on makes me feel like I look out of place…)
Banquet of darkness 1 (1)
Eva: So you’ve come at last.
Producer: Eva-kun!
Eva: So you’ve come at last.
Producer: Eva-kun!
Producer: Uwah… So you’re a werewolf, huh? It really suits you. And those ears and that tail are so fluffy..!
Banquet of darkness 1 (2)
Eva: Hmph, naturally. After all, I have specially prepared these items for this day. Certainly, you’ve also—
Producer: Eva-kun?
Eva: [Play] Hm? Why are you dressed like that? Don’t tell me… You were trying to be a witch…?
Producer: Umm, that was more or less… what I was going for, but…
Banquet of darkness 1 (3)
Eva: To think that you of all people, Messiah, would look no different than how you normally appear… I must have told you to come in appropriate dress!
Producer: W-Well, you called me so suddenly, and I didn’t know exactly what you wanted me to aim for, so… I thought this would be better than being late…
Eva: And so this is the result. Sigh… My head aches.
Producer: I’m sorry. It was such a sudden invitation that I didn’t have time to properly dress up…
Eva: Sigh. Well, there’s nothing to be done about what’s already passed. Let’s just disregard the way you look for now.
Producer: Yeah. …By the way, why did you call me out here?
Banquet of darkness 1 (4)
Eva: Through the work of Ban’s acquaintances, I have secured this location as my own personal grounds for this day’s duration.
Eva: I had thought that I would allow you to assist me, as well.
Producer: Um, so you’re saying… Sorry, what do you mean?
Eva: !!! I-I mean that I want you to help decorate the store with me… That’s what I meant!
Producer: Ahh, so that was it. But if you had just told me earlier, then I could have gotten some ready to bring with me.
Eva: …If I had, then you just would have put it off in favor of work, wouldn’t you?
Eva: That’s… I mean, you’re right about that, but…
Banquet of darkness 1 (5)
Eva: When I employ my powers as the ruler of darkness, I can quite easily perceive your thought patterns.
Eva: …That’s amazing, isn’t it!
Eva: I feel as though you’re not truly praising me with those words, but… Well, it’s fine. I’m going to leave the store just once. I leave what happens after that to you.
Producer: Eh? Wait, where are you going? If it’s just me here…
Eva: Mio will soon return. Ask him what your work entails. You can work in anticipation of that costume being duly amended.


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