Producer: He really was mad about that, wasn’t he…
Banquet of Darkness 2 (1)
Mio: Are you still talking about that? I mean, yeah, that outfit you had on wasn’t stylish enough in the least, but Eva-sama doesn’t get mad about things like that.
Mio: You’d be better off just waiting for him in anticipation of what’s to come instead of worrying about it, right?
Producer: Anticipation?
Mio: In Eva-sama’s hands, he’ll take that boring, all-black costume of yours and make you look like a splendid witch.
Banquet of Darkness 2 (2)
Eva: Hey, Mio, have you finished telling her what her work entails?
Mio: Ah, Eva-sama! But of course. I’ve taught her how to do eeeevery single little thing!
Eva: I’d expect no less from my most wonderful servant.
Mio: Yay, Eva-sama complimented me!
Banquet of Darkness 2 (3)
Eva: …Wear this on top of your clothes. I imagine that you’ll be somewhat easier to look at if you do.
Producer: This is… a black robe? …Wait, huh? You changed out of the the werewolf costume you were in before, even though it looked so good on you?
Eva: …It would be dangerous, should I walk around in that outfit. I’d be swarmed by anyone who has a camera.
Eva: They’d smother me with of their “How cute! How cute!” blather and whatnot… Those who have died this year know far too little of common courtesy. Who do they think I am?
Producer: Ahaha. I agree. You definitely were incredibly cute, so I imagine lots of people would clamor around you.
Eva: ~~! L-Let’s stop talking about this! That’s enough, so hurry up and put on that robe!
Producer: Yes, sir–.
Producer: (Wah, this is amazing. It’s just a robe, but now I feel totally different from before…)
Eva: This goes on after that. Show me your hand.
Producer: My hand…?
Banquet of Darkness 2 (4)
Eva: It’s fine, so just hurry up and do it!
Producer: This is… an obsidian ring…?
Eva: It seems that it has a slightly special presence to it. Its details must have been slaved over to have accumulated a mysticism such as this.
Producer: It’s amazing… How beautiful…
Mio: Eva-sama got that ring ready for this moment a long, long time before today, so you’d better take really, REALLY good care of it!
Eva: H-hey now, Mio! Just why are you letting that loose!?
Mio: Because it’s noooo fair if she isn’t as grateful as she should be! I mean, I didn’t get a ring from you, Eva-sama!
Banquet of Darkness 2 (5)
Eva: S-So, so, that’s why I’m telling you not to say anything about that…!
Producer: I’ll take good care of it. Really, thank you so much.
Producer: Well then, now that the store’s safely closed up, I should probably head home soon.
Eva: Wait. Just where do you think you’re going?
Banquet of Darkness 2 (6)
Eva: You’re coming with me after this. We’re going to pay a visit to the dead.
Producer: Eh? Pay a visit to the dead…?


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